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20 thoughts on “What's trending on Etsy | Etsy trending products with over 21,000 m/searches | Etsy Trends Tutorial”
  1. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the information!! Loved it. I have a question, I produce products in English and Spanish, what do you suggest should I open a store for the Spanish ones or keep them all in one store?

  2. This info is so good! Erank looks like a really handy tool. Thank you for this video. Really useful info that can be extrapolated to find other great keyword opportunities! And those templates are awesome too!
    ❓ Hey, question for you Nancy – are you open to a Collab with me? We have a lot in common in our businesses and I think it would be fun to work together ☺️

  3. Yes I have already purchased a planner template and have customized it. Now with this new info I’ll put together a bundle for self care! Thanks again for the great info 🙌

  4. I would like to know can I create 2 Etsy accounts in the same detail. The only difference is the home address or email
    Is there a case suspension I do this. Because addresses are different but the detail of the owner same

  5. Hello Nancy I really like your videos. One question: what do I have to do so that they don't copy my work and other people put it as their own? You made a video of it, but you didn't really SAY THE STEPS WE SHOULD DO. Could you guide us please? THANK YOU!

  6. Hi I recently got scammed on Etsy (bought an item but the seller deleted their shop right after.), do you know how I can file a report or something?

  7. Hey Nancy, this is Manith. I need help please. On my Delivery information page on the left side, additional info is required. I cannot print shipping labels unless I have that additional info on the left.

  8. Hi Nancy, do you have a video on how to get 40 listings for free on Etsy? I dont have a shop at the moment. Also do you have info on how to create selfcare gift boxes?

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