Webkinz Tiger Snake (And Other Stuffed Animals) Activities For Grandparents and Their Grandchildren!

I raised three daughters quite happily. It was very handy having all three wear the same clothes to pass on to each other. While they enjoyed digging in the mud puddles, they were not nearly as rambunctious as some of the sons of my friends, so I was quite happy.

Years later, it looked like things would continue in a sweetly feminine way. The first grandchild was also a little girl. Then – drumroll please – a GRAND-BOY! And I couldn't have been more thrilled. NOT because we had wanted a BOY – we didn't care as long as he was healthy. In fact, I was just as thrilled when another granddaughter was born shortly thereafter. Still and all, it was a fun new adventure for this granny nanny – one I still enjoy today, seven years and several grandkids (including more boys) later.

I've learned that while there are many toys and games all the grandkids love, there are some things that are definitely more appealing to a boy than a girl and vice versa. One of those seems to be my youngest grandson's Webkinz Tiger Snake. While my granddaughters love Webkinz just as much as the boys, not a single one has asked for a snake of any kind!

My grandson, on the other hand, absolutely loves it. And I love it too! Why? Because it's cute, cuddly, doesn't bite me, and doesn't make me scream. I'm personally hoping he sticks with the Webkinz snake in lieu of a REAL snake. Now that would get to me! I'm not so sure I'm going to have successful hopes in this area though. You should see their insect collection! The funny part – the girls have one too!

Hmmmm, I guess when all is said and done, perhaps it's more their personality that makes the difference, rather than whether they are boy or girl? In any case, all the grandkids – boys and girls – and this here doting Granny Nanny have had a delightful time with all our varied Webkinz stuffed animals, as we play pretend with them and as we enjoy various fun activities for grandparents and their grandchildren on Webkinz World. Did you know you can even play virtual games WITH a long distance grandchild using your computer? It's quite fun and can even be educational!

So, whether you have grand-boys or grand-girls or both, you can all have fun with Webkinz stuffed and virtual animals and the educational fun of Webkinz World.

Source by Kaye Swain

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