I will use ChatGPT to build a website without writing a single line of code! As part of this, I will request Chat GPT to build the outline, and then Editor X to fill out the content. While ChatGPT can write code, its strength is natural language, meaning it can write things like site titles, headers, taglines, call to action, and even blogs!

Chat GPT can be found here:

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31 thoughts on “Using ChatGPT to build a Website with No Code”
  1. See all the steps he has to do to finally create something?, people are lazy and even
    if this new AI BS wins the war, there will be a need of "programmers" to make this thing work jajaaja But i think its a good tool if you want WIX quality type…show me a website that included R3F or just threejs for product configuration

  2. There are like 9999999999999999999999 websites. All the code has already been written hundreds of thousands of times. This video never made it past the title

  3. Me as being into graphic design have always been scared of going into web design after it surpassed the basics of HTML & Java after 2005 so this opens so many creative doors for someone like myself. Thank you

  4. are not you supposed to create it with sitekick AI? Now you did not create a website with chatgpt, you only got the structure suggestions, but you created with editor x, not with chatgpt.
    Or where I am wrong?

  5. hello codex community i m from India. i have a doubt now i m preparing full stack developer course. can i continue full stack developer course or not say openly?
    and one more any future as programming developer employees?
    and last one in case you have suggest me you can continue your course but why continue and tell me any effective programming developers?
    please clear this answer brother. thank you

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