Underground Metal Detector MD-5008 Treasure For Gold Coins Long Range Two Coils Hunter Searching Jewelry Tracker For Adults

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Project description

MD-5008 underground metal detector has large detection depth, high resolution, accurate positioning, and is equipped with a ground balance system.
This underground metal detector with advanced ground balance system can eliminate the interference of ground signals (namely mineralization reaction), and only select the signal of metal targets, so that it can accurately search for underground metal objects.


The metal detectors are mainly used to detect and identify underground metals. Besides military using, they are widely used in:
(1) Security inspection, public security organs’ ransack:
(2) Scan metal foreign matter in raw, fuel and foods;
(3) Scan metal articles in mail or luggage;
(4) Detect underground pipelines, cables;
(5) Archeology, mineral exploration, find underground metal articles.


(1) Emission Frequency: 7KHz
(2) Signal Frequency: 400HZ
(3) Sensitivity: Small coil: 25~30cm (test 25US cent)
Big coil: 35~40cm (test 25US cent)
(4) Max Detection: Small coil: 3meters
Big coil: 5 meters
This conclusion is elicited by testing a aluminium sheet (60cm*60cm*1cm) buried in dry soil.
(5) Operation Mode: Ground balance mode;Discrimination mode.

Package List:

1 * Detector
1 * Battery Box
1 * Battery Box Bag
2 * Coil


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