Find out the top 16 trending niches you should be selling in 2022. We brought you the very best dropshipping niches based off our own gathered data and based on popular market trends!


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9 thoughts on “Top Trending Niches For Dropshipping in 2022”
  1. Be careful with autods.I am having trouble getting a partial refund from a yearly subscribtion after using the paid program from Dec.19 to Dec 23 2021. The program stop working for me after I paid.

  2. I would love to hear from ANYONE who is not working for this company who has actually had some success. Is there anybody out there? Probably not, as they're learning the hard way that this is a pipe dream and any profits you make will go to Paypal. They will not process your orders using your own credit card, but they force you to use Paypal who charges 4% for AutoDS order processing. If you're lucky, you will make about 5% maximum profit margins drop shipping – which is pretty good, except it's mostly going to Paypal, so this system is useless.

  3. Thanks for your suggestion.
    I want to start AliExpress dropshipping . But I can't select my targeted niche. I need multiple product niche . If you give a best selling product niche then will be helpful for me. I am waiting for your suggested niche.

  4. Hi there
    Thank you for your mail. I do not accept your apologies. I don't want to hurt any more because of you. refund my money immediately. I don't want the 1 month free usage that you gave me exskra, just take it. I don't think of working with you even if you give me 6 months, not 1 month. Today is the 21st month and your system is still working. How many weeks, months do I have to wait????? refund my money immediately. You have a terrible program and you are scamming people and your program is not working.damn it for preferring you …. you've run out of my store…lost a lot of money and customers.

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