These are the best channel ideas I’ve found to start OR build in 2022. If you’re starting a new channel, or looking for some fresh topics for your current one, I’ve got you covered.

I guarantee you haven’t thought of all of these, or I owe you a… surprised emoji face, or something.

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I use vidIQ on my channel:
This is why I use vidIQ:

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1:47 Idea 2
2:48 Idea 3
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5:02 Idea 5
6:06 Idea 6
6:51 Idea 7
8:03 Idea 8
9:06 Idea 9
10:13 Idea 10

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29 thoughts on “Top 10 YouTube Channel Ideas 2022 – These Are The BEST I Found”
  1. Would people be interested in storytelling if it wasn't based on true stories? 🤔 something similar to what you would read in novels but instead of having to read a book its a short story narrating with digital art mixed in.

  2. I'm so glad you specifically mentioned woodworking because that's what my channel is about. I just started the channel this year and in my opinion, my growth has been slow. It is gratifying, however, to hear that I'm still headed in the right direction. I see you as an expert, Nate, and I get a lot of value out of your content. Thanks for all you do to help us little guys!

  3. With food and energy inflation, energy shortages, supply chain issues, wars and pandemics, I think a lot of the interest in things like growing food and doing stuff for yourself comes from looking at the world and feeling nervous. Learning a few practical skills like growing food, mending clothing, cooking, or weatherstripping and insulating your house can not only make you feel safer in an uncertain world, it can lower your bills right now. And with inflation the way it is, and a possible recession on the way, this is extremely valuable. So I second your back to basics suggestion.

    Of course, what I'm actually doing on youtube is music. But I enjoy learning and practicing some of those very pragmatic skills. I sewed up holes in my favorite winter coat's pockets this morning. $$ saved right there.

  4. Damm it’s so expensive but for sure I’ll get it after I get monetized with the first check my channel will be about personal development motivational videos before I start do you have any advice

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