Top 10 best paying niches to make money from YouTube. YouTubers nowadays are making some serious money on the platform. It doesn’t matter what your age is or where you live, as long as you’re in the right niche, you could earn up to millions of dollars just by shooting and uploading videos on YouTube. In this video, I will be revealing to you my CPM and what it is as well as what niches the top YouTubers out there are in today. Subscribe now:

I started on YouTube over a decade ago but didn’t take it seriously until just recently. After doing my due diligence, I realised what were the key components when it comes to making money on YouTube. I’ve broken down the numbers for you to see which market had the highest CPM and which keywords were crucial in order to make money on YouTube. Watch this video now to discover all 10 best paying niches on YouTube in detail.

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0:00 Top 10 Best Paying Niches to Make Money from YouTube
0:50 What is CPM and why is it important?
2:40 Top 10 Niches (Highest Paid YouTube Stars)
3:35 How to calculate CPM?
8:05 How to make money from low CPM?
9:05 How to decide which market to go into?”


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48 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Paying Niches to Make Money from YouTube”
  1. Very informative video Peng! This should be required viewing for everybody starting out. I only wish I had seen it sooner. Although perhaps I’m in a good niche I don’t know because my channel is about business documentaries so it leans more on entertainment but focused on entrepreneurship? And my first video is very long.

  2. One of my other channels was getting like 15k views a day for a couple years straight. I recently got monetized and my views are now a small fraction of what they were before. Very frustrating.

  3. I appreciate the video bro but you added the numbers wrong you added Ryan's total numbers for his entire channel page and you added his money or his total figures and monetization for 2019 so that's why I CPM was that low he probably only got like 10 billion maybe in 2019 so CPM would have been way higher

  4. There’s so many things wrong with this video. First, the number you’re calculating is RPM, not CPM. Second, you’re taking the amount the YouTuber earned for 1 year but using their total channel views for their entire career. None of it makes sense. This video had so much potential

  5. Did you divided the total money earned up till 2019 by the total accumulated view count in Oct 2020, that's like almost a year worth of view counts didnt put into the calculation, please correct me if i m mistaken

  6. As a new creator, this video is more valuable than being told how much other creators are earning. My niche is digital creation and marketing. Thank you for this amazing guide, friend 🙂

  7. Its pretty stupid to not advertise on kids chanels. Yeah kids dont have money but their parents do. And kids can be extremly extremly annoying when they want a specific toy. I learned 10 years ago that the kids market is one of the best to advertise more. Cannot relate to that

  8. Your calculations are wrong because that chart shows amount they got last year that means in 2018 to calculate cpm you need to divide 2018 total views by income they got.

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