The Basic Rules of Creating a SEO Friendly Website

In most cases, creating a website is the first step in making an online business successful. However, creating the website alone cannot guarantee that your online business can achieve success. You will also need to ensure that the website gets visitors on a regular basis so that you can create a customer base for your online business. This is why, you need to make sure that the website is SEO friendly. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind, in order to make it SEO friendly:

The site must be easy to read

The information contained in the website must be clear and the visitors should be able to immediately understand what the site is trying to convey. If the information is not clear, they will not like to spend any time on the website. If they do not spend sufficient amount of time on the site, Google and other search engines will not index it on a regular basis. Hence, you should ensure that the website is easy to read so that it is SEO friendly.

It must be easy to navigate

When customers visit your website, they may not always come directly to the homepage of the website and in such cases it is important that it should be easy for them to find what they are looking for. Thus, the website should be easy to navigate so that the visitors do not find it confusing and will be able to find the information they need. If they find it difficult to navigate, they will not visit it again, which will harm the ranking of the website. Each of the pages of the site should be easy to find.

Its design should be clear and uniform

The design of the site should be clear and uniform so that it can grab the attention of the visitors. Also, it is not recommended that you keep changing the layout of the various web pages or different sections of the site so that the visitors do not find it irritating. If you keep making changes to the layout or design of the site on a constant basis, it will be ignored by the search engines.

The pages must load quickly

The web pages should load within no time so that the visitors do not lose their patience and abandon the site. If the web pages take time to load, they will not get indexed by Google.

Source by Rajot Chakraborty

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