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29 thoughts on “Tell Me Something That's An Absolutely Flex To A Niche Group? | Part 4 | TikTok 2022”
  1. I have a signed autograph by Yasuhiro Irie, director of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, my favorite anime of all times, and I took a picture with him, he even drew a little Al in the corner, he was super nice!
    also I participated in a Maggie Stiefvater drawing contest, I didn't win but she sent me and all participants a bookplate signed by her and a little note thanking us. she's my favorite writer so it was pretty special to me :')

  2. My flexes: I have a set used copy of the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" screenplay. I also have an Iron Man 3 movie poster that was only released to movie theaters. I also wrote a song that was used in a movie that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has an almost perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to look the film up it's called "The Worst Person in the World." It came out it 2021. My music is in the scene where the girl pets the reindeer. My name is also in the credits.

  3. I have a friend that also solves the cube in seconds; he told me the secret is to solve the cube and don't get distracted by the colors which only indicate to others that it's solved.

  4. My (mostly) useless niche flexes in various communities:
    -I have 8 skeins of red heart retro stripe yarn.
    -i can knit, crochet, and sew.
    -I own 10 Angelic Pretty dresses, including Milky Planet and Sugary Carnival.

  5. In 1994, I found a mint condition autographed copy of Wyton Marsalis' double CD album In This House, On This Day at a used record store for like $6. I also found at a flea market an autographed copy of the X-Factor comic book, Issue 23 signed by the orignal writer and illustrator. Lady had a stack of comics, sold me the entire lot for $11 I still have both. Oh and the dolls flex was extra creepy

  6. 1 Handy from slipknot came to my house to meet my younger son who survived after 2 bone marrow transplants at 4 and 6 cuz older son was matched.
    Older son is a musician who’s father opened for pantera in 97 offered to open on the rest of tour but shitshow band fell apart and couldn’t by the time handy visited we split up.

    2 Same year breaking Benjamin let us go meet in the tiny back room after show only let us go in and visit got pic drum sticks and band memorabilia
    3 Ex’s obsession was Dave mustane because I was heavily involved with pediatric cancer charity’s that had special events all over the city a lot so we were at a Easter event for make a wish ex never really got excited to always be active with us refused to do much w us.
    At the event I turned around and got star struck 1st time in life cuz instantly recognize Dave as he was right next to me. He was son NICE!!
    Son was 6 no clue or gaf about Dave.
    Dave asked if he wanted a pic son was like nope took off for face painting and Dave offered to take a pic w just me.
    His wife was the person that had just made a toy horse w son unbeknownst to me never knew her at all.
    2 months after we split we were planning to go to Sony studios w 4 other family’s and spend day with Adam and all his buddies in movies he grew up with. As just the kiddos were spending the part of the day on the king of queens set.

    Adam’s bull dogs were there they had special memorabilia in gift bags for parents and kids a a couple other special things too. We were okayed to bring all our Adam stuff to get signatures i printed out specific pictures of choice and found a opera man and tons of favorite pictures only one he won’t sign was the bob barker fuck scene and words haha
    4 son followed Adam around during his signing everyone’s else’s stuff finally got Adam cornered i filled video as he said to adam his favorite little Nikki line “good numb nuts “
    I think Adam’s reply was a poor parenting message to me,
    He says to my 6 year old “dude you know that movie too well”

    Haha Adam Isn’t as lax as me haaa he was polite af took me a few years to see his real message.
    He also recorded my voice mail greeting too.

    Gave a surprise call to my oldest so bff too.
    Also spent a morning w Randy Johnston same day he got traded to ny.
    Luis Gonzales personally wrote a message on a ball For my sons 6 bday.

    Sadly Al I have left of memorabilia is pics of Adam and Randy all the special balls he sighed and Luis’s ball and breaking Benjamin single pidD
    We got out of the group events and they outgrew it.
    So much more things a little time ago too.
    We are blessed all this but honestly my son is alive all celebs do hold a candle to that beautiful blessing.

  7. This stuff is so cool! The only thing I can ever flex about is that I met Don Bluth, got his autograph and took a selfie with him. Not very niche though. And that was in 2017.

  8. I don't know if it is a flex to anyone else, but I have autographs of all crews of Star Trek from Classic to Voyager to Enterprise. Right now I'm working on Discovery and I am almost done. And yes, with the exceptions of DeForest Kelly (I wrote him a letter back in the day and got a letter and an autograph back) and James Doohan ( a friend got me his auto at a convention in the 90s in Germany) I've met each of them.
    My second flex is about Lord of the Rings. I own one of the books that were distributed to the journalists at the Cannes Filmfestival where they showed 20 minutes of Fellowship of the Rings, signed by almost all of the cast. Even Sir Richard Taylor was impressed when I asked him to sign it and asked me where I got it because they at Weta Workshop only have one in their posession.

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