Study of How Massage Chair Aids in Back Pain

Back pain is not uncommon among people today. It is a discomfort that runs along the back, usually from the neck area. People who are sitting for prolonged periods of time in front of their work table, as well as those who are constantly encoding and working away on their computers tend to become affected by back pains. In some other cases, back ache occur when one stands up while putting all the weight to one side of the body. Findings show that about 80 percent of the population is affected by back pains.

Back pains come in two types-chronic and acute. Acute, on the one hand, is back ache that is usually sudden and experienced for short periods. The chronic back ache, on the other hand, lasts longer, usually for months and even years.

To relieve these types of pains, non-invasive treatment is used, particularly a massage therapy.

Basically, a massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. Some types of this therapy include Shiatsu, Kneading, Rolling, Compression and Reflexology. Furthermore, it is also seen as a therapy that will prepare a patient to undergo exercise and other interventions.

According to the Annals of Internal Medicine, massage therapy has been proven to alleviate chronic low back pain, as well as improve function. This was based on a randomized control trial which was published last July 5.

“We found that massage helps people with back ache to function even after six months,” said Daniel C. Cherkin, a senior investigator at Group Health Research Institute. He added to say that this is an important discovery since the major reason people see doctors and massage therapists is chronic back ache. It is also the cause of disability, where absenteeism occurs at work.

In the trial done by Group Health, they assigned each of the 400 patients complaining of back pain to any of the three treatments namely structural massage, relaxation massage, and usual care. It is interesting to note that all of these patients' causes of back pain are not known.

For 10 weeks, they were given hour-long massages weekly. Many patients who received either of the first two massages had said that their pain was gone on the 10th week while only 25 who received the usual care felt better.

Now, with the invention of the massage chair, massage therapy has become more convenient and effective. With a massage chair, like the zero gravity massage chair, flexibility of the soft tissue is promoted which helps restore its elasticity. It is when these soft tissues become stiff that back pain occurs. The massage chair also targets ligaments, joints, and tendons.

The massage chair in Perth can perform the Shiatsu and other massage techniques which are known to be the most effective techniques of massage. Some massage chairs have features that allow the stretching of the upper and lower bodies, as well as heating features that provide heat to the many parts of the body which can aid in bringing back its flexibility. And when a patient is about to undergo spinal adjustments, they often go to chiropractors who like to massage prior to manipulation.

The best thing about massage chairs is that you no longer have to see a masseuse to get that relaxing massage for your back pain. All you have to do is purchase it once, like the zero gravity massage chair, then get to use it anytime in the convenience of your own home.

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