In today’s video, we discuss the best niches on TikTok that are primed for maximum growth in the coming months. All 8 of these are extremely underdeveloped and have the potential to attract a truly massive audience. We’ll detail the best account ideas (with examples), and discuss ways you can grow on TikTok without showing your face or featuring yourself in the videos.

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35 thoughts on “Start These TikTok Accounts To Grow 10M+ Followers”
  1. I have an off topic question! My niche is lipsyncing comedians. But now for some reason half my sounds are being taken down from tiktok with sounds from Tom Segura and Fluffy. Why is this happening and what can I do to fix it?

  2. Hey Joseph I got a question I have a account with all the things needed to join the creator fund but it’s says county invalid even though I live in the uk please can u reply to this comment Thanks ❤️

  3. Hi I have a question which has been stressing me out for ages. I am under the age of 18, however my account is set to over the age of 18. Due to this, a while back I somehow joined the tiktok creator next program, without even clicking anything, and only going onto the page about it. Then I got eligibility to earn video gifts. I have received video gifts aswell. However I have come to realisation that because I am under the age of 18, I may be punished for being in the tiktok creator next program, and earning video gifts. What I want to do is leave the tiktok creator next, and explain that what my actual age is, and wait until I am actually 18, so that I can join the creator next program, however I am really scared about this, as I have around 250k followers, and I don't want to lose them.
    Please can u give me some advice on how to fix this issue without being punished for recieving gifts/ being part of the creator next program, whilst being under 18 🙂

  4. Great information Joseph! I have the same name. I am an actual Q&A startup and started on tiktok five days ago. I get about 250-300 views and trying to come up with creative ways for people to answer questions. My business idea came from Wix's forum and not Tiktok. I feel like the Q&A on tiktok is bread and butter to my forum site if I figure it out over time. Your ideas are great! This is going to be one long journey but I do love it. Cheers.

  5. Hi! I need help! My last 3 videos went viral few days ago, one of these is considered "dangerous activity" but has not been removed. After this I noticed a drop of views, what should I do? Should I remove that "dangerous" viral video or should I wait?

  6. Tik tok video posted but some person said that showing and some said not showing some said that only one video showing can u tell me how problem solved??🙁🙁

  7. I just want to say this has been💯 the best channels that helps grow a TikTok page, I followed everything you have said and grew my TikTok finance content to 73,000 followers in 7 weeks, thank you

  8. Hi Joseph, this isn’t really related but TikTok seems to have an issue with deleting comments on your own video after a user blocks you. You’re not able to delete the comment because you can’t see it but it shows up publicly on your video. Do you know if TikTok knows of a way to solve it?

  9. Hey Joseph. Just wana say, you’ve really helped me. I was playing around with tik tok.. finally decided to take it seriously and follow your advice. Not even a month, 30k followers. I’m averaging 50k views per video. Your content is amazing.

  10. I accidentally signed in for creator next and now my views dropped like a lot and I can’t go back to normal. Normally I had over 1000-10000 views per video and now I can’t even reach 200. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to give up the account because I reached over a million likes & 6k followers but it doesn’t make sense to keep uploading if it doesn’t reach anyone. Does anyone have an idea how to fix it? I would appreciate it.


    I am uploading 2-3 videos daily from last 2 months and still my views are stuck to 30-40 cap. Also my followers are still below 200. Is it normal ???

  12. I started tiktok about a year ago, and in a few months I had grown to over 200k followers, but then I joined the creator fund and all my views went away, now I’m coming back to tiktok and this time I won’t join the creator fund.

  13. Hey Joseph! Amazing content! I am going to enroll in your course by this weekend, but wanted to schedule a consultation first to go over strategies and a plan of how to go about my new endeavor with a bang! I haven't posted any videos yet, I need your input from the very beginning even on my username. Would you suggest booking with you now, or buying the course first, making some videos, implementing your course, and then meeting with you? Do you offer discount for one on ones for your students? thanks!

  14. Hello. I am a human rights activist and Tiktok keeps removing my videos as soon as they hit over 15k views. They cite different reasons but I know it is because I criticize Israel, China, colonialism, Islamaphobia. What do you recommend I do to keep creating content, not compromise my values, but also not get shut down

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