If you’ve been anywhere on the internet. You know you have to type something in the address bar to get where you want to. But we also all know that each website looks completely different from one another and each one can serve completely different purposes. I’ll be building a squarespace website from scratch then I’m going to give you my thoughts and experiences on Squarespace and then we’re going to decide whether it’s worth using or not. Let’s get started with a little review.

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The Websites I Built:
Squarespace: https://www.jimmytries.world
Wix: https://jimmy15147.wixsite.com/website
WordPress: https://jimmytriesworld.wordpress.com
“Which one looked the best?” Poll: https://www.jimmytries.world/website-poll

0:00 Intro
1:40 What Is Squarespace
2:40 Starting The Make a Website
5:39 Pricing and Some Less Known Details
8:40 Personal Experience
9:29 Squarespace Alternatives: Wix and WordPress
13:16 Conclusion

Basically to have a website on the internet you need 3 things. A domain name. That’s what you type in the address bar to get to your website, then you need the website itself. Then you need a webhost, which is basically, the place in charge of sharing your website with the world. Now, Squarespace is a site that lets you purchase a domain name, create a website using their templates, use Squarespace as your web host, and integrate an online store onto your Squarespace site.

Squarespace asks you all these questions about what you’re trying to accomplish with your site such as the topic and your goals for the website. From there Squarespace has a bunch of templates laid out that you can interact with and preview to get an idea of the general vibe that you want to go for. Once you select a template, you’ll need to sign up with Squarespace to start customizing that template. During this, they give you a 15 day free trial without needing to provide them any credit card information. From there you’re able to customize the template however you want. You can add new web pages up top, have your logo displayed on the site, link your social media accounts for easy access, and replace, add and delete images, text and sections for web pages. You can select the page you want to edit, then, within each page are different “sections” which are just different parts of that page that display different information or serve different purposes. You can then click on what you want to edit, and you’re provided with all the available options that you can change for that particular field. So, for text fields you can edit text and add links, for images you can replace the image or remove them all together. And if a section isn’t meeting your needs you can delete that section or add a new one. When you add a new one, you can choose between a bunch of different templates to meet your needs.

Squarespace has 4 different subscription tiers. Personal, Business, Commerce Basic and Commerce Advanced. Each one increases in price from $144 a year to $480 a year. However, I want to point some things out about the business and personal plan. If you read the fine print, Squarespace provides you a free business email, on the business plan, and a free domain name under the business and personal plan. These items are only free if you buy the annual plan and only for the first year. Which means, after your first year, if you stick with squarespace you’ll be paying more money on these plans. My suggestion would be to transfer a domain you purchased from Google domains into Squarespace, get that extra year of rights to that domain, then when that’s about to expire, move it back to Google Domains and renew it or just get it from Google Domains and you’ll be saving money in the long term.

So, now that I’ve paid for Squarespace and have my website up and running. How was the entire experience? I think Squarespace makes it really easy to start setting up a website. The site was intuitive and the learning curve wasn’t too steep. Their templates all looked really good, and it was really hard to decide what specific template I wanted for my own site because I really liked a lot of them. So basically to describe SquareSpace in a sentence. It’s easy to use, and it looks pretty.

Should you use Squarespace? I think it all depends on what your goal is. If you’re promoting yourself, want something professional looking fast? That’s when I’d start looking at Squarespace. It definitely has the best looking templates by far.


42 thoughts on “So I Tried Squarespace. Here's How it Went.”
  1. I have not tried Squarespace or Wix yet, But WordPress is a complete environment and with plugins and features available for almost every need. There are paid and free themes available across the internet for WordPress and elementor builder for WordPress is awesome. I have experience doing web designs for startups and ecommerce stores and I can tell you that WordPress although looks overwhelming, has more features and customization options any other tool in the market. Basically I am deciding on the platform to choose for my next website project and WordPress still seems the best.

  2. If im not mistaken wix has a free option too great website I was stuck between the two for a while in the end I went with squarespace because wix had too much customization options for an overthinker like me but if you like options that might be a pro

  3. In my experience the key benefit of WordPress are the many addons you can buy, it takes screen animations to the next level…but it all takes time…and some cost too……great video!!

  4. Thanks for the comparison. I'm already using wordpress to create content, and I agree it's got a deep learning curve. But given the sunk cost, I'd stick with WP. Maybe I can borrow ideas from squarespace's great templates.

  5. I am planning to build a website. As usval I am thinking in common for wordpress. But in recent times the squarespace is coming in talke. May I have a further detailed information how to build using the squarespare for a website.

  6. Yes, I have wordpress right now to do my blogs. But It’s just to much builder and coding and moving stuff around, It’s been months and I still didn’t get my business launched. Nonetheless, I’m leaning towards wix or squarespace.

  7. Excellent content Jimmy, I just subscribed. I took the poll and agree with the poll results. Squarespace has design perfected, wix as well as weebly aren’t even in the same class. WordPress wouldn’t even load lol. But considering there are 1.5 billion websites on the internet the sad truth is your site is likely to never get viewed let alone significantly noticed. I’m not being a downer here, I had a successful site with excellent page ranking but find that’s rarely the case with many folks who can pay a lot of money to be unnoticed and disappointed. So WordPress with its $45.00 a year personal plan is about what a site is worth in my humble opinion; a cheap hobby. Thanks for the great advice looking forward to more.

  8. I started with Blue host/Wordpress it was awful my site was constantly going down was hacked once blue host tried to sell me an expensive site lock subscription.. Very happy to be with Squarespace now 🙂

  9. I just noticed that Wix now have 18 pages of templates!

    Thank you for your insight and pros/cons of each site, I‘m building mine soon and this video has been extremely helpful, thank you Jimmy!

  10. Tried using WordPress for several years, I always failed miserably and would outsource the work.

    2015 got introduced to Wix and never looked back. We have built several businesses and operated them all via Wix and the website and UI are amazing.

    The last 2 websites I built on my own. Everyone in our circles didn't believe that we spent something less than 29$ on it! We handle 5000 transactions on that site monthly, it's seamless, beautiful and professional! It's better than some of the companies who spent 5-10k $ on their platforms.

    I mostly update my wix default images via creatives, pics and videos from CANVA pro. Wix & Canva have transformed our brand building capabilities. ✌

  11. Initial time I saw your channel and am still evaluating, as a Speech Language Pathologist, kudos to your nonregional accent, clear speech, good (rate) speed of information, hints at humor, and a overall good info for me to process

  12. Jimmy!!! You have no idea how helpful this video is. I even feel like watching it twice. I only have one question, do any of these three platforms have bilingual sites? It seems wix offers bilingual domains, but I don't know about wordpress and squarespace…

  13. I really appreciate your content. I signed up with hostinger. I was using word press. That was so confusing. I started a page but not I can't find it. It's been a year now ana I've accomplished nothing. I wish I had have viewed a video like this. Thank you.

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