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Such phenomenon like blogging three years ago was perceived only like hobby. Today situation is changed. About opportunity of making money by means of virtual diary knows almost everyone internet user. Let's see how this statement is justified.

Until recently earn money in internet was not easy. Create site, untwist it and make money advertise on them was possible to the little. That's why 3-4 years ago people who want to earn something in internet choose the easiest way – advertising of websites. The essence is simple. Installation of program and clicking on banners. But not much could earn more than $50 a month.

That' why about three years ago internet community began talking about make money blogging.

Conducting a blog does not demand any special skills or the software from the ordinary user. All you have to do to become blogger is to go to special services (like Blogger, WordPress, Typepad) register and become posting to your own blog.

Spending on contextual advertising according to statistics of eMarketer are growing from $108 million in 2000 year to $5,561 millions in 2006.

Paid search ad spending in the US. This is only US details. In Europe this spending are equal more than $10 billions. At such situation a sin to not earn.

The most popular way of blog money earning is Adsense. In particular the average blog's owner salary in US is $2500 a month. Every serious company employs the blogger in the staff. As a matter of fact it is journalistic work and payment corresponding.

Such corporative blog has DELL. In opinion of experts such blog allows to be beyond dry releases and become closer to potential buyers. Go to BlogIt and find your freelance work there, writing about any subject you want.

If your blog about shopping or on this theme, many companies glad to pay you about $1000 for review of their new product. Also if you have a blog you can do reviews of any blogs in your subject. Such blogs like and and many others offers about $500 for review of their blog on yours. Go to ReviewMe and browse its marketplace.

Making money blogging depends on writing subject. For example, if you are writing about finances and your auditory consist of 5 thousand visitors a month, you can earn not bad money. If you are writing about celebrities you should collect much more visitors to earn same.

Conclusion is that the epoch of naive self-expression is ending. Places of fans to give vent to the soul in a network will borrow experienced bloggers which will give out dexterously itself for everybody and unostentatiously to advise trustful users to buy this or that goods.

Source by Artem Belinskiy

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