No Need to Sacrifice Precious Sleep to Make Money

With the current sea of effortless money making opportunities online it is very apparent that one does not need to burn the midnight oil so as to make good money. In case you are one of those people not having answers to the question how to make money this year I will give you precise answers to this question. To make good money in 2011 without having to sweat much one will have to generate passive income.

What exactly is passive income?

Passive income is not a new thing. For over a decade individuals who have been bored and stressed out by employment income have turned to passive income. With passive income you engage in an activity you like, at your own hours yet you earn money. In formal employment you will only be paid for the hours worked while in passive employment you will earn money whether you are working or not.

Passive income can be earned by having a blog or being an online marketer.


If you are very eager to make money this year while dedicating less hours towards work you should start your own blog. Most e-books on the topic how to make money passively always dedicate quite a number of pages on making money through blogs. No capital is needed to start a blog. Starting a Blogger blog or a WordPress blog is absolutely free. A well marketed blog which is SEO optimized and has Ad sense can make more than $1000 dollars per month. It is very common to find bloggers who make up to $10,000 a month. Expert bloggers make up to $200,000 in a month. Most millionaire bloggers dedicate less time towards blogging and they do not sacrifice their sleep to work yet they make a lot of money.

There are many websites online that have comprehensive information on the topic how to make money through blogs.

Online marketing

To earn passively from online marketing one should sell digital goods instead of physical goods. Digital goods are more convenient to deal with than physical goods. No physical store will be needed to store digital goods while a physical store will be needed to store physical goods. Little effort will be applied when selling digital goods as they usually market themselves. Digital goods which will be sold very easily without having to burn the midnight oil figuring out a viable marketing strategy are popular e-books and popular softwares. One will only need to list the digital goods he is selling in his/her blog and the goods will advertise themselves to all visitors of the blog or website. To buy a digital product a buyer will make payments using credit card or PayPal. Once payment has been made the buyer will be provided with a link to download the product.

Well! Hopefully have had acquired from this article some useful information on the topic how to make money passively. There are many ways of making income passively.

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