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00:00 – Introduction
03:50 – General or Niche Store? What should you do?
05:00 – Two Question You Need to Ask Yourself for you to Decide
06:30 – The Customer’s Journey – Why a Review is Important
09:13 – Why Splitting Two Types of Store is A Good Thing
10:27 – Does Having Both Stores Matter?
12:07 – Courses that Will Help You Thrive in Your Etsy+Pod Store
12:51 – My Observations to Sellers with General Stores and Niche-Specific Stores

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36 thoughts on “Niche or General Etsy Print on Demand Store”
  1. GREAT video! Exactly the kind of info that I was wondering about but not finding any real answers too. I realize everyone is different, but to spend time and energy on a store that turns out is not going to succeed is devastating. Your video answers the big question and helps new folks know how to get going in the right direction. thank you! and thanks for the bloopers, they are always entertaining – we all have brain freezes, so we can relate.

  2. I was wondering about this. Some of the you tubers say not to sell too many different things, but all of my coaches in the beginning said to open a general store. Thanks for your input. Love the bloopers too lol.

  3. Hi Heather! I have a question..
    I started out digital and I have a bestseller in Christmas prints. It doesnโ€™t sell year round so I switched to POD this summer and I have a bestseller in POD. Now Iโ€™m so nervous to separate my products into two stores and lose my reviews for either one. Should I just leave it?

  4. Thanks Heather, I am going that route of more general store and it works great so far. I seem to find new buyers with different seasons, spring and fall especially. I havenโ€™t experienced 4thQ yet so weโ€™ll see!

  5. Was pondering this question a lot, helpful video! For video ideas: right now I'm curious about what to do about products that aren't getting views. And/or, how long does it take for views to start picking up after listing? I know Etsy just starts to show the listing to people to test it out. Are ads the solution? Because social media can bring in clicks that don't result in a sale and bring down the quality score, apparently! Thanks!

  6. Thank you for sharing this video! Great information. I have a quick question about niches …

    I hear, in every video I've watched about Etsy, shop owners and coaches talking about finding a niche. In this video you used Walmart as an example of a General Store and I agree with that analogy. However, what confuses me is what is actually a niche? It seems as though there is a lot of gray area when it comes to identifying which stores are niche stores. For example:

    – Dick's is clearly a niche store that sells sporting goods
    – Yankee Candle is clearly a niche store that sells candles

    but what about a store like …

    – Spencers – they are clearly not a "general store" but they are also not as "nichy" (is that even a word? It is now – LOL) as Ulta
    – Urban Outfitters – same for them. they sell clothes, music, books, and other gifts. I would not say they are a "general store" like Walmart but they are certainly not like Dick's either.

    The store I just started (almost a month ago) is more aligned with Urban Outfitters. I sell home goods, journals, and bags – for now. I will start selling mugs and maybe shower curtains. But I do not ever plan on selling clothing. My target audience is very similar to Urban Outfitters – but with a Spiritual/Motivational interpretation:

    "EddieRush Collections targets young adults aged 18 to 30 through its unique and diverse product collections. I seek to motivate and spread God's Word with young adults, who are culturally sophisticated, self-expressive, and spiritually aware" (I think I may change my store name)

    So my question is … would my store be seen as a "Niche Store" Or a "General Store"?

    Thank you for listening to me. (such a long post for a simple question)

    P.S. My wife and I have watched so many of your videos and you remind us of the daughter of my wife's best friend. Like you, she is very friendly, charismatic, smart, and funny. My wife learned how to use Canva from one of your videos.

  7. Yay!!! Thank you so much for this video!! I had kinda asked this question on one of your videos the other day so thank you again! I was just curious if I should keep like mugs, totes and various other things out of my "tee and sweatshirt" store or if that's okay to keep them in my tshirt store but just put them in a different category as I dabble with other products. I always liked the idea of putting them all in one store, but then I heard people say not to do that. Also…please always keep your outtakes in HAHA!!!

  8. Hi Heather. Iโ€™m currently selling shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags in my Etsy store, but Iโ€™m planning to also sell home decor products like curtains, ornaments and travel products like suitcases, do you think it would be okay to put all those physical products into 1 store? Iโ€™d highly appreciate your response! Thank you Heather

  9. Thank you for sharing your information and experience. In the past after the last ship date for POD passes for a holiday, I have made my holiday items inactive. Is that what you recommend? OR Do you keep them up all year?

  10. I actually have two questions. If you have a general store would you focus on just one niche when posting on social media or do general there as well? When creating content and designs how do you keep everything organized? I feel like thereโ€™s always a mess in my download folder

  11. What is your professional opinion??? Swiftpod just pushed their processing dates back big timeโ€”-would you make the switch to a different print provider and potentially have to alter all of your existing listings OR STICK IT OUT??

  12. Love love love your videos ; content is packed with value but where you shine are the bloopers!! ๐Ÿ˜‚best decision ever to include the at the end, youโ€™re awesome ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  13. My question is, can I do homemade and POD stuff on the same store? I just got my first 100 sales on homemade items so I donโ€™t want to start over for POD stuff

  14. Thanks, Heather, new subscriber here! I have always wondered about this as I am getting started with Etsy. It was always explained to me that you needed to cater to a specific niche but for me, my brain always wanted to have a general store.

  15. For T-Shirts what if you stick to more male or female oriented designs in multiple niches that cater to those demographics like travel, business, Father's Day, hobbies in a male focused version or the flip side in a female oriented approach?

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