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Making your own website to make money online sounds like something you could never do, right? I once though this myself, but I want to tell you – that is absolutely WRONG.

You do not need to be a web designer or even know the first thing about the workings of a webpage to make one yourself. And make money using it too!

The question many people ask is – How do I get started? There are a few simple things you have to learn first and having a positive attitude is key when it comes to learning something new.

Making your own website that is run by you is absolutely essential to having a successful web business.

What the vast majority of people fail to recognize, is the importance of having a website of your own. Many people wonder – Why can't I use a website that has already been set up and run for me?

But what happens when you want to make small changes to your site or if a problem arises? Your website will be the backbone of your web business – It is hugely important that you understand how it works.

You simply cannot have a successful business when you ‘don't really understand' how it works. Outsourcing the maintenance of your website is both expensive and will not help you succeed in your business.

So – what do you need to get started on making your own website? You will need a…

• Domain name

• Web host

• HTML editor

A domain name is — to put simply — the right to use the name you choose for your website. This tends to cost on average about $10 annually. Registering a domain name, however, only gets you that-a name.

To actually put your website online, you need to choose a web host. Usually the companies that register domain names also offer web hosting. This tends to cost $10-15 per month and while you can shop around for better deals, it is easier to have a hosting account with the same company that provided your domain name.

The next thing you will need is a type of software called an HTML editor. This is the program that will allow you to design and edit your website. There are a multitude of free HTML editors available online.

Making your own website and starting your own successful web business is honestly within your reach no matter how little or non-existent your experience level may be. If you are positive and eager to learn, the hard part is already over.

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