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This article explains why you WILL Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing if you want to! That's a big call, but what I mean by want to is, you're willing to put in the time and effort to. You want to work from home, you want to make extra cash, you want passive income. Affiliate marketing can give you all of these. Whether you're looking at blogging, email marketing, writing articles, and so on, the reasons why you will succeed are the same.

What you need to make money in any business (especially online business):

1. Low costs

2. Lots of customers

3. Products that people want

4. Easy business processes

5. Measurable

Now, affiliate marketing, done the right way, ticks all of these boxes:

1. Any online business will have significantly less costs (overheads) than traditional businesses. There's usually no shop, no warehouse, no delivery vans, no bills, and generally no employees. This means that for the income you make, you'll keep almost all of it in profits!

2. You want lots of customers? The internet is the largest customer base in the world by far. With nearly 7 Billion people in the world, and currently only 1/4 of these on the internet, that's a huge number of potential customers out there. Around 1.7 Billion in fact! For example, if you sell an affiliated product, and make $15 for each sale, and only sell to every millionth person on the internet, you'll make $25,500. Now, what if you sold a few products, or a product that more people than 1 in every million wanted? Think about that…

3. Most people starting out making money online are stopped by 1 main thing – exactly what do I sell? Well, why invest all your time and money into making, discovering or even inventing a product? There's so many online products out there that people want, but they don't know how to, or can't, find them. Many of these products enable you to sell them through affiliate programs, making a portion of the sale money in income. So all you need to do is get onto an affiliate program, pick some products to promote, and get them in front of the people that want them.

4. Easy? That's exactly what affiliate marketing is. Pick some good products, market them through different electronic media (blogs, newsletters, emails, websites, etc, etc.) and watch the money roll in! Nothing more to say.

5. Probably the best feature of running an online business is everything is measurable. You can see how many website visitors you've had, how many people subscribe to your newsletters, and how many people click your links in your blogs. This enables you to test-and-measure – try some different strategies and measure the results, to improve your sales and make more money online!

There you go – 5 reasons why, if you really want to and commit to it, you WILL Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing!

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