🎉🎈 Here’s how to create Comic Strips for Free in Canva. It just takes your creativity to make whatever you want to be conveyed comically !!

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Please watch this video (and re-watch if necessary) to learn how to make comics in Canva for free. Actually, you’ll see that this tutorial not only walks you through how to make a comic strip on Canva, but also explain how to use the different objects and tools available in Canva. Overall, you will be able to start publishing your own Comic Strips in no time.

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🎯👉======== TABLE OF CONTENTS ======== 👈🎯
00:00 Introduction
00:19 How to design comic books using Canva
01:14 Picking a Comic template in Canva
02:01 How to customize comic strips in Canva
03:01 Finding different expressions
04:53 Important tip!!
07:09 Searching for more comic elements
08:02 Search tip in Canva
08:22 Use cases

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  1. Sir, next video, how to make flash cards and how to sell in website. Thank you for frequent videos. I can learn new from you 🙂 all the best 👍

  2. hi sir i am a huge fan of u make amazing videos can u pls help me with a comic strip for reuse ,reduce , and recycle i am not getting comics related to environment pls make a video on it its a big request . Thanks from Indian

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