Letter writing in English.formal letter writing.letter for 9,10,11,12.

1.Letter to Editor-https://youtu.be/YGHckJeXVQ0

2.English paper pass trick-https://youtu.be/RqtYPnoAcVQ

3.English 95 trick-https://youtu.be/kPiHMUQ5-jc


⏩LETTER -https://youtu.be/hKjnin0tvpQ
⏩ 95+ Marks formula

⏩Pass trick in English

⏩Unseen passage

⏩ jumbled words

⏩15 day English preparation

⏩One in all Grammar

⏩Smart Answer

⏩ Tense
1.Present indefinite – https://youtu.be/WV0r7FUat5E
2.Past indefinite – https://youtu.be/8gsf5UyTzFc
3.Future indefinite -https://youtu.be/vig_QgJKsfE
4.Continuous tense -https://youtu.be/EXXn_XiVE3Y
5.Perfect tense -https://youtu.be/Fm9wfG1q0kM
6.Perfect continuous tense -https://youtu.be/hQkn4tyjfXM

⏩ Preposition -https://youtu.be/mXBqQ7jmDRM


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