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36 thoughts on “Lesson 2. Formal Letters (Unit 1 of the Pupil’s Book) O/L English | Grade 11”
  1. Thank you madam for teaching us. Thank you DP education CHANNEL for making this kind of lessons! This is very useful ❤️ during schooling It was a struggle for me to write a letter but I’m learning and practicing so many things on this channel those are very interesting 🙏
    One more request could please do Spoken English Practical Sessions those are very essential for us for our professional carrier

  2. Woww superb teacher. Your teaching is very polite and the expression is very interesting. So today i learned how to write an formal letter from your heartfull teaching. Also i will see your other videos and learn about more grammars. And Thanks for teaching 🤗🤗 also u will lots of merits teaching for us and also thnx for dpeducation trying to take us for right path of education. Dont worry i hv subscribed already 👍👍👍. Thank u so much bye .

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