In this video we go over the basic structure of HTML and create our first web page.

HTML Source:


29 thoughts on “HTML Tutorial for Beginners – 01 – Creating the first web page”
  1. This is video taught me how to make this Html page which I don't know how to make my school teacher taught me but I don't know how to make it now from this video I learned how to make a Html page this video was so much helpful for me even though it is 2022.

  2. Please How do i contact you
    I dont understand something
    The thing is,
    What is the use of the <html></html>
    Because i cleared them from the document and still didnt see any change in the web browser when i open it in the web browser

  3. Yes, you are really a good teacher but why not use sublime text in teaching from the beginning since that will be faster and simple to the students.

    But with this you have really done a good job.

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