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let’s learn how to write a formal letter in English. Formal letter asking in the 10th and 12th board exams also many letters are required to write in real life . In this video we will learn the format of the formal letter . This is very easy and students of 10th and 12th can easily get marks by writing this type of formal letter .

Formal Letter Format

The layout of a formal letter includes:
Sender’s Address
Name / Designation of Addressee
Address of the Addressee
Body [Introduction, Content, Conclusion] 
Complimentary Closing Line
Signature / Name of the Sender
Designation of the Sender

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A formal letter is written to someone you don’t know personally but who you have business with.language for such letter should be formal and precise. You might write a formal letter to any organisation to seek information, or write to an official asking for some permission, or write to someone in authority to complain about a problem.

Uses of Formal or business letter format

1)To request or send information
2)Enquire about an admission
3)To ask for leave
4)To find out about a product
5)To thank a company for giving you some business
6) To write a letter to the editor
7)To write a letter to the bank, insurance agency, or service provider
8) To invite someone to a wedding
9)To apply for a job or position

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