How to Write Ebook Chapters That Transform Readers Into Clients

First, think a short book. How to write eBook chapters starts with writing only 3-5 chapters. Your audience wants their problem solved. They want how to's, short and easy. Audiences don't have time to read 200 page books. Think an eBook for easy delivery. Your audience can download from you website.

Finally, give this book away to your potential clients as you would a business card.

Within your five chapters or less use the question and answer device for the middle of each chapter. Show how you'll solve your readers' challenges. Use a stimulating hook at the beginning and “read the next chapter for these benefits” at the end. Now you've engaged your readers so they will finish the book. That means they will become your 24/7 sales team for word-of-mouth success.

Write the last chapter telling your story. Tell how and why you got into your business. Share how unsuccessful you were in the beginning until you discovered the magic ingredients that finally brought you the clients you wanted.

Share how you developed your techniques and what they meant to your clients. Always include the benefits your customers get when they use you.

Remember, all clients who use you get more value than they ever thought possible. They tell the truth in their testimonials, so be sure to include those along the way. And remember, testimonials work so much better on your back book cover than anything else, so include them. What others say about you has a lot more clout than your own words will ever have.

Toward the end of this final chapter, remind your audience about your offer. If you don't, you'll lose a chance at great clients coming your way.

For example, “Right now, before you leave this information that will make you a star in your business niche, call Jodi right now to set up an introductory phone session to get focused on your project, and follow your intention with action. Without action, your project will just rot like garbage. Now is the time to take action. Here's the telephone number and link to get you started right away. And, if you act now, you'll also receive Jodi's free report on “xxxx.”

Depending on how you use your self promotional, self-published eBook, this could be the most lucrative piece of writing you'll ever do, and will actually make you a best seller along with what's really important, enough clients to create ongoing wealth.

Source by Judy Cullins

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