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If you have ever looked into making money online, you have probably seen ads for survey sites where they rave about how much you can make from the comfort of your home filling out surveys. Do people really make money taking free paid surveys or is it all a scam? I can tell you that I do make money with these sites but it is not by taking the surveys.

The big secret to making money with the paid survey sites is not by filling out surveys. It is by referring lots of people and having them take the surveys and work for you. Many survey sites have a referral program where you can make money by referring others. The more surveys those referred people fill out, the more money you will make. You can make some easy money with the free paid surveys sites but you need to get people to sign up under you and work for you. I want you to understand that to make the easy online money, you need to learn how to get your own referrals.

There are many ways to get your own referrals. Some people start a blog about their survey experiences to get people to sign up. Other people become active in the many “ways to make money online forums” and place their affiliate link in their signature so that every post they make can be seen by others and potentially get referrals. Others print out business cards with their referral links on them and distribute them around town. In the end, I am sure there are hundreds of creative ways to get referrals and here is a bigger list of what you might try:

1. Post on GPT forums

2. Refer Friends and Family

3. Refer Guild Members/Online Friends

4. Door hang with home made flyers

5. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars

6. Make a blog

7. Keep your referral link on your Sig on all forums with a brief explanation

8. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making”

9. Stick an add in the classifieds

10. Go down to your local college and talk to passerbyers (college kids always need money!)

11. Put a flyer up at work

12. Get a magnetic strip/sticker to put on your car so you advertise while you drive!

13. Post your link at the end of your YouTube videos

14. Seed/Upload your files alot? Stick a .txt in an RAR file with whatever you are uploading with your referral link and instructions

15. Give flyers for local businesses to hand out (Go to a food delivery place, see what it will take for them to coupon your flyers, may I suggest chinese?)

16. Send out flyers in a mailing list

17. Get a bot/macro to post your link with a simple explanation on any server you may be hosting/running

18. Make A Web Site

19.Tell people through IM

20. Links Exchange

21. Paid advertising on other people's websites

22. Advertise on on-line games.

23. Print business cards and include your phone number to enter into business drawings (like you find in a lot of restaurants)

These are just some of the ways a creative person can get people to sign up under their referral link. Once you start seeing your referral make you money, it motivates you to go out and get more. So now that you know the big secret to making money with those survey sites, get out there and start making some money!

Source by Bruce Alan

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