How to Make Your Penis Bigger – Do-It-Yourself Method and Quick Method

“How to make my penis bigger?” is the question men often ask themselves. They prefer to look for the solution on the net rather than going to the doctor for consultation. The reason is because they do not want to show their secret part to others when they feel insecure, which is quite normal. There are many methods to make your penis bigger, which one actually works?

The most often discussed methods are surgery, pumping, consuming penis pills, using extender, and exercising.

Surgery does work but it is not 100% effective. It costs thousands of Dollars and it could affect the hardness of your penis. The ultimate risk of surgery is total erectile dysfunction. Surgery is known to be the most painful method and time consuming.

Penis pump, on the other hand, will definitely affect the hardness of your penis. However, it works but unfortunately the result is not permanent. Using penis pump excessively might result in permanent impotence.

Extender does work but some people do not like the idea of wearing the extender while they are in the office. First, it would be very uncomfortable. Second, you do not want you colleagues to find out what you are wearing. Extender can only work when you use it intensively every day.

What is the best solution?

There are two solutions. You can choose your own best solution out of these following two methods.

How to make Your Penis Bigger – Solution one

Exercising is the cheapest yet effective method. Jelq technique is considered the most effective penis exercise. Jelqing is an ancient method that has been practiced for years in Arabian culture. This technique is also known as milking technique. This technique will surely give you result, however it requires patience and commitment. You need at least 8 months before you can see the result. You have to do the exercise 30-45 minutes every day.

How to make Your penis bigger – Solution two

Penis Pills are the most effective way to enhance penis in a short period of time. First question you have to ask is “which penis pills does work and is safe?” This question is crucial because consuming the wrong one would damage your penis’ health. Penis pills must not contain synthetic herbal and chemical like glucose, preservatives, coloring, or flavoring.

The ultimate solution to the question: “how to make penis bigger?” is high quality 100% Herbal penis enlargement pills but they are not easy to find. If you would want to increase your penis size in three weeks and do not mind about paying the price, herbal penis pill is the best solution. Herbal penis enlargement pills are carefully tested and proven by doctors and manufactured in strict compliance with the FDA guidelines.

Real herbal penis pills must offer a money back guarantee. If you find one that does not offer a money back guarantee, click on the “x” button on your browser.

Source by Sarah Marshall