In this video we’re going to create our very own .onion website on the Dark Web using a Fedora server on Digital Ocean. If you head to and sign up for an account you will get a free $100 credit for 60 days. The droplet we’re using only costs $5 per month.

Head to and go to the ‘Brain’ section to get more info on my template you can use as you make your site more advanced.

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24 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Dark Web .Onion Website!”
  1. Hey, is it safe to create onion site on cloud server? I mean is there any way to trackback ip of this server? And that it is a digital ocean server?

    If not what about my own server on my private PC? Is it possible to track my IP?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. My channel belong on dark web, cuz my content is fire and dark web is like hell, and hell is opposite of heaven, and heaven is opposite of hell so Dark Web is hell and Google is heaven.

  3. i cant fucking wait to do this. i already have a droplet running a CentOS LAMP website on the clear web, now im gonna make a droplet running Nginx server fedora on the dark web! woo!

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