Learn How To Make A Complete Website Using HTML and CSS, Complete HTML and CSS Multiple Pages Website Design Tutorial Step by Step
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In this video you will learn to create a complete website design using HTML and CSS step by step. It will be fully responsive website design and we will create 5 different website pages and we will link all pages through navigation menu. We will learn to create Home Page, About Page, Course page, Single blog post page and Contact page with a working contact form.
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Download the image used in website from the above link then try to make this website yourself after watching this step by step website design tutorial.
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36 thoughts on “How To Make Website Using HTML & CSS | Full Responsive Multi Page Website Design Step by Step”
  1. Some one please help me!!!
    I have written my website's code in visual studio code and I have completed my site how can I save my site… Whenever I want to access my site I'm going to vsc and running the code to see how it works and looks… Can I access my website without going to vsc

  2. This is so well done and well explained.. I was so stressed about how am I going to create a website with the layout I wanted.. And I'm so glad I found this video😭 your explanations are so organized that I understood each thing thank you so much for this. A life saver indeed!

  3. Hello can anyonr help me with this:
    In the Call to Action section, the background image doesn't show i have tried multiple times, no background image neither any color shows and also the icons doesn't appear why?

  4. how does he only write "div-campus-col" and it automatically fills it up for him with the "<>" and semicolon. Is that an extension or something? Would greatly appreciate feedback!

  5. I'm stuck at the london new york part, my photos shows lining to the bottom not beside each other… I kept looking at the code its the same… someone help please.

  6. I'm extremely grateful for this video, man. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to coding, but this the most comprehensive tutorial I've seen this far, and it's just one hour.

    You rock, dude.

  7. Hi my friend, thanks for the lovely tutorial, I am at the minute 9:03 the logo is showing on my page but the background not I checked everything in the style.css and the HTML page code and everything is correct

  8. HI, thanks for this great video! Only thing I'm running in to: when I zoom out on my mobile device (iphone 12 mini) it shows the whole page, include the side menu bar, which is supposed to be hidden off course. But when you zoom out you can also see the 'hidden' menu bar on the right. Can anyone help with this?

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