How to Make Money Online – Squeeze Pages

Squeeze pages are the names given to a simple affiliate website page, which have the sole purpose of capturing the potential customer's name and email address. This does not mean that the squeeze page cannot provide additional services like offering free gifts etc but its main aim is to get customer information.

The aim of any affiliate is to make money online and to that end their sale promotion through traffic creation will point at some form of web page, be that their own blog, their own squeeze page or even a product sales page. In the early years of affiliate marketing the emphasis was on obtaining the sale. No thought was ever given for future sales so, affiliates did not build up relationships with their customers and basically did not keep any records of the sale. All of the links from the search engines went directly to the sales page of the product.

This was a major flaw in the in the affiliates methodology. It has been common knowledge a considerable time that once you sell goods or a service to a customer, if they believe that they have had a good service then the likelihood is that they will buy off you again. With the affiliates not recording customer's information, the chances of a future sale were extremely low.

This why squeeze pages came about, they are the affiliates link between the search engines and the sales page. A simple web page hosted on the Affiliates own domain, designed to capture the customers name and email address. The page would not normally go into too much detail of any products for sale but frequently offer free products in return for the customer information. So, in the majority of cases no actual sales takes place on the squeeze page put the customer is encouraged to part with their name etc in return for a free gift, which is normally a free eBook or a free Video. When the name & email is entered they are normally linked to an Auto responder service, which is basically an automatic email service, which stores the details for future use.

Once the affiliate has the name and email address added to his/her list, they can use this list for many years to come to offer products for sale but by email marketing as hopefully the affiliate will have built up a good list of customers.

Source by Michael J Hawkes

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