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Read my simple guide about how to make money from the internet and you can get started now and be up and running within the day. Once you get the hang of it, you will see your earnings increase.

In a nut shell, you need either a blog or a website, content about a certain subject, banners to related affiliate offers or Google AdSense and some targeted traffic that you can either pay for or get for free.

If you don't have much experience then you would be better off starting your online business using a free blog from blogger or any other free blog hosting service. Do a simple search on the internet to find a free blog host and sign up for an account.

Before you get a blog, make sure you sign up with a username that is related to the subject you want to base you website on. Its always best to start a blog that is related to your hobby as you can write about this much easier as you will need to add content on a daily basis that explains about different sections and provides valuable information about your hobby.

Then you can become an affiliate of companies that offer products or services related to your hobby and you can place banners on your site. You will be paid a commission for each sale you send from your site and if you use ClickBank then you will be paid up to 75% of each sale.

If you don't want to do this then you can sign up for a free AdSense account and is much easier to make money from as you are paid per click instead of a sale. As a new blog wont have much traffic, this is your best option and you could make your first dollar within a few days and this will increase as you increase your traffic.

Now you need traffic, so for this you can write 10 articles per day that provide good information that is related to your hobby and then you would put a link in the resource box that would direct readers to your site and hopefully one of your visitors will buy a product or click on a link that you placed on your free blog.

Browse articles within the directory that are related to your hobby and re write them if you cannot think of what to write about. If you write 10 articles per day and submit them to 10 article directories each day, you will soon see your earnings increase over a few weeks.

Nothing is easy when you first start out but if you put in a couple of hours per day or invest in some paid traffic from either Google, Yahoo or MSN then you can double or even triple your traffic and income. Be very careful with pay per click as you will more than likely spend more than you make so start out with free traffic to start with.

Now you know how to make money from the internet so go and get started. Get a blog, become an affiliate and drive traffic to your own content. Take action today and be consistent.

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