The best way to make a website in the entire world!

Have fun creating your own website in under 2 hours using WordPress, the most popular way in the world.

The 3 step process is optimized for speed and success:

1. Setup, 2. Options, 3. Design.

We will be working with the Astra theme (5 star ratings with 4,841 reviews ) and Elementor (5 star ratings with 5 million installations) to create the best website in the world.

This video will show you that making a website can be fun and easy. Creating a website can change your life and we will do this all step by step with no step skipped.

I hope you love this as much as I do!

Download the example images:


Intro – 00:00:00

1 – Setup

Setup Overview – 00:05:02
Get Domain Name & Hosting – 00:08:42
Install WordPress – 00:17:28
Login – 00:21:10

2 – Options

Delete Plugins – 00:22:15
Change Password – 00:24:25
Update WordPress – 00:25:23
Update Permalinks – 00:25:24
Search Engine Ready – 00:26:32
Install Theme – 00:27:04
Install Template – 00:29:04
Backup Website – 00:36:06
Change Website Name – 00:38:24
Create a New Page – 00:40:19
Transparent Menu – 00:43:04
Add Menu Item – 00:43:36
Delete Page – 00:44:33
Add Blog Post – 00:45:07
Set Blog To Homepage – 00:48:12
Create Blog Page – 00:49:48
Delete Blog Post – 00:51:34
Live Chat – 00:52:04
Google Analytics – 00:55:35

3 – Design

Homepage – 01:00:33
Mobile Friendly – 01:17:42
About Page – 01:21:25
Services Page – 01:26:09
Projects Page – 01:29:12
Contact Page – 01:31:20
Contact Form – 01:35:08
Menu Navigation Button – 01:40:47
Create Logo / Favicon – 01:43:30
Insert Logo / Favicon – 01:47:20
Design Blog Post – 01:49:11
Design Blog Page – 01:53:14
Footer – 01:54:18

Logout – 01:57:13
Congratulations!! –  01:57:42

Thank you 🙂


26 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – Step by Step”
  1. 43:23 Transparent Header is now located in a new Astra tab to the right of your gear button, look to the right and there will be an Astra logo, it will open the same settings that our narrator/teacher had.

  2. WoW !!! Just an amazing amount of information!
    Now a question: once you have created a website can you use it as a template that you can just change information and photos but attach a different domain name to it?

  3. Hi Tyler. I followed ur vedio and now I can't find my website. It's saying that your connection is not private. Or it's showing something else. Or it can't be reached. But it's been 2 weeks since I published it. When I click the link for my admin login it show something else. Everything was working so well and now it's like I did nothing. I can't even go the the admin login to edit my website. Plzzzz help me. Let me know if I did something wrong…

  4. Absolutely fantastic presentation. Informative and highly valuable, not just because of the instructions but, because of the added extra tips in regard to plugins.
    Thank you.

  5. This tutorial is the best. Thank you very much Sir… But I have a quick concern. After I installed the Astra, I used one of the Starters Templates precisely The Marketing Agency. I have tried to edit the footer but it is not working. It says I should buy it even though it is among the free templates.

  6. Hello! thanks for your informative video. For someone who has just got a domain and host (not from your recommended website) is it still possible to follow the steps from 21:00 till the end to build a website ? 🙁

  7. Hi Tyler and thanks for this content. Is there a way to find the thank you page URL? 1:40:15 the URL after sending the message is still the same as the one for the contact form. I need to be able to track the page load of the thank you page. Can you please guide?

  8. Hi Tyler, thanks much for this extensive lesson. How do I link the “latest 3 blog posts in 3 boxes on the home page so every time I update my blog posts, it gets updated automatically with latest 3 posts? I have all the blog posts livings on blog section. Hope I’m making sense…

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