Make a website in 1 hour. Everything you need to know, from getting your website name to choosing your design and creating your website.

Learn step by step with no step skipped.

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00:00:00 Make Any Design
00:01:00 Setup Overview
00:02:08 Domain Name & Hosting
00:06:17 Get Big Hosting Discount
Use coupon code UNLOCK for the biggest possible discount. I will also get a commission from Hostgator (at no additional cost to you) that allows me to make these in-depth tutorials for free, thank you!

00:06:54 Install WordPress
00:09:03 Login & Dashboard
00:09:56 Delete Plugins, Posts & Pages
00:11:52 Choose Your Design
00:15:12 Change Title and Tagline

00:16:05 Homepage Design
00:17:09 Text
00:20:21 Buttons
00:23:08 Undo / Redo
00:23:58 Sections
00:26:41 Images
00:29:25 Backgrounds
00:32:32 Spacing

00:35:47 About Page
00:36:02 Video
00:37:26 Super Cool Thing

00:40:37 Services Page
00:41:01 Change Icons
00:41:57 Mobile Friendly (Responsiveness)

00:45:14 Contact Page
00:45:34 Add Google Map
00:46:02 Contact Form

00:47:28 Add New Page
00:48:00 Import a Page
00:48:40 Import a Block
00:49:39 Transparent Header
00:50:17 Copy a Design
00:51:27 Design From Scratch
00:52:25 Add Page To Menu

00:54:00 Make Logo & Site Icon
00:56:34 Insert Logo & Edit Header
00:58:49 Insert Site Icon
00:59:15 Edit Footer
01:00:49 Final Design

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If you have any question or get stuck anywhere at all, just ask in a new comment below. No question is a bad question, and we answer each and every one!


36 thoughts on “How To Make a WordPress Website – 2022”
  1. Once again awesome stuff. I want to add your videos were instrumental in me landing my first clients a few years back. I know the videos are focused on DIY but many small businesses simply don't have the time, patience etc and are willing to shell out $ for someone to do it for them (just like me when I need home repairs ); your videos helped me launch a nice side hustle that I'm passionate about. Thanks!

  2. hi Tyler, I have questions, but icannot send screen shot here, the WP installation came to 95%, then connection shut down. I was parking the name on namesilo, I just move it to hostgater. I could not find another reason,

  3. Thank you Tyler. I have completed 3 of your lessons on blogging, online store and website building with WordPress and Elementor. What a joy to go through. For the first time, I now understand the 'mechanics' of building a website using WordPress and Elementor, step-by-step. I have built 2 websites and working on the 3rd one. I have tried many service providers before but none could do exactly what I needed and that is why I decided to search for the best ways to learn how to do it myself. I could have saved a lot of money if I started with you earlier, but it's never too late to start all over again by doing it myself or being able to give proper instructions to service providers. Once again thank you.

  4. Hi Tyler! I just wanted to give you a great compliment. You taught me how to create websites and I have helped so many people with the skills you taught me. Some were for free and some were for money so thank you so much! Here is what I wanted to tell you today. I was calling my hosting company (HostGator) about my billing and the young lady I spoke to fell in love with my website. She complimented me on the colors and the design and she shared with me that she was having a difficult time building her website. I gave her my secret weapon: YOU! hahaha! I told her to come on over here to YouTube and look for you because you taught me. I tell everyone I can about you because I think you are so wonderful. Thank you for all you do. XOXO Much love and respect, 💖

  5. Hi Tyler, very nice guide on how to create a WP website. I am facing an issue hope you can help. Not sure what i did as now when I visit my main page it does not show anything, the page will only shows when i click Home at the top. How can i make it direct to home when visiting the main page?

  6. Hi Tyler i need some help, ive tried to follow this process however when i try to load the theme is doesn't show up. it remains as a blank blog page. can you please give me some feedback.

  7. Awesome video! Quick question—you refer to plugins that do the auto backups and email domains but didn’t mention them in the video (at least so far where I’m at). Can you list your recommended plugins please?

  8. The steps were so clear and easy to follow, you really gave some valuable material here and I am turning my web page into a website as I write this. Never done it before, but your steps (and some Control Z) are awesome. Thank you!

  9. Hi!! thanks so much for your content…I was wondering if its possible to add some galery plug in cause im photographer and I need that section. Do you recommend some one in particular??? thanks in advance!!!

  10. Hey Tyler, just wondered how you got the arrow for the submenu? And also is there anyway to animate the header so that an underline animation emerges when hovering over menu elements? thanks Dan, Great video tw

  11. I cannot thank you enough for this! I was lost when WordPress updated a while back and this is such a good guide!! You explain things so well and have an amazing way to showcase what you are doing. THANK YOU!!!

  12. I was ready to slit my wrists with GoDaddy today and ended up signing on to WordPress instead. Would have NEVER pulled it off without your video. You didn't skip a beat, and love your humor. You have a gift, thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this video out there! I had to call it a night from wrist cramps, but hope to try to finish it tomorrow. Still struggling with shaping photos and putting them next to each other, but hoping I will pick up on that tomorrow when I'm fresh. I am writing a book about growing up in the 80's decade compared to life now, and as a Gen-X'er, it's easy to want to whip your computer out the window. Thanks Tyler for saving my ASS (and my computer) today!

  13. Hello. Thank you for this tutorial. It helps me a lot. But I have a question… 🙂 I have seen one wordpress website where the owner of that website had connected his Instagram page. Basicly, in the bottom of his wordpress website was a few photos directly from their Instagram. How I can achieve this? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  14. Playing devil's advocate! Hypothetically,if I wanted a site like Pixar for example, isn't it also possible to clone that site on WordPress, or is there a downside to that? And then edit it.

  15. Per your tutuorial (56:48) In trying to access the Header Builder, when I go to Appearance > Customize in my Dashboard I end up in the WP Customizer instead of in Elementor. Any suggestions how to solve this issue. Huge thanks.

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