What’s up, peeps! If you’re looking to make a website with WordPress in 2018 then I just updated my free tutorial on exactly how to do it! I’m going to show you everything from getting hosting, to getting your own domain name, to setting up WordPress, customizing your website from top to bottom, how to make a free logo for your site, and much more!

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Where to Get a Domain Name and Hosting:

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Follow-Along Images For This Tutorial:

Free Logo Maker:

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Divi Theme (note: I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you when you use this link):

Table of Contents:

Introduction 0:00
Overview 0:07

Step #1) Secure a Domain Name & Hosting 4:37


Link to HostGator: https://createaprowebsite.com/hosting

Step #2) Setup & Install WordPress 10:11
How to Login to WordPress 13:03

Step #3) Reset Your WordPress Password 14:10

Step#4) Activate a New Theme 14:52
Paid Theme Recommendation: https://createaprowebsite.com/divi
FREE Theme Recommendation: Hestia

Step #5) Install & Activate Orbit Fox 17:06

Step #6) Add Your Logo & Site Icon (How to Make a Logo for FREE) 17:45

Step #7) Customize Your Website 25:00
Change Title & Subtitle 25:14
Change Title Font & Font Size 28:05
Change Button Link 25:56
Change Button Color 30:54
Change Background Image 26:51
Add Clickable Image Widget to Front Page 28:50
Edit Content of Each Section 32:15
Change Clickable Features Icons (Services) 32:27
Install a Contact Form 37:39

Step #8) Create a Primary Menu 42:01

Step #9) How to Add New Pages 44:25

Step #10) Write Your First Blog Post 47:35

*BONUS: How to Create a Shop for Your Website 50:38


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42 thoughts on “How to Make a Website from Scratch | Step-by-Step for Beginners”
  1. Hi Brother Thank you for your guidance I created a website by following your instructions in this video but at the end i can't see that coming soon button to make my website go live. Can you please guide me and support me for this as well?

  2. Didn't actually thought this is almost a full hour tutorial! My attention span is too short but you made this look so short and simple. Thank you so much! Hope creation also works great on a mobile phone. I'll try it now

  3. Hi do you have any videos on how to build a website from scratch without wordpress or website builders? I'm interested in learning but am not interested in WordPress or any website builders.

  4. Hi Dale, me on this side of the Pond, I've been trying to build a website using this, 2018, video, some pages are out of date, but fundamentally, I've not been able to find a save button, went through about 3 hrs of building yesterday and returned to it today and I've lost the lot, you advise on using this set of web companies, because they have good customer services, but hey I can't even find any where I can contact, as the web page showed a message 'return to autosaved work' but it didn't return. wonder if you can advise

  5. I need help, Im a novice and its my first time creating a website. On the 9th step whilst creating a page, how do I place images to the side of my text? I need to show images on a few pages but placing them below or above the text seems very superfluous. Can anybody help? Im using the current wordpress and if anyone could assist me, I'd be very much grateful!

  6. I wish i had seen this before i made tonnes of websites using WP!

    Amazing tutorial. Love Hestia.

    Question: Can you make a tutorial on how to diversify website designs without having too much to tweak with the themes?

    I help make a lot of websites but i dont have a lot of time to test out a lot of different themes. But i do want varieties in my design so they are not that similar to one another.

    Really appeeciate it!

  7. Is there a way to allow customers to upload an image to me? Like if they purchase something that they want customized with an image that it will allow them to upload that image to me?

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