How to Make a FREE WEBSITE in 10 – 30 Minutes (Google Sites Tutorial for Beginners)

Today we guide you through the step by step process on how to make a FREE website with Google Sites. This comprehensive Google Sites tutorial will show you everything your need to know, from start to finish, from building your website to designing your content and launching your new website online.

This is a Google Sites tutorial for beginners, and you DO NOT need any experience in web design or content creation. Also, Google Sites is 100% free, you do not need to pay for a domain and website hosting (However, you do have the option to link a custom domain).

► How to create an online store with Google Sites:

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► Check out our full article over on our website to help you get started with Google Sites:

The FREE and easy to use design tool that we use to create all the website material for this video is called Canva (for example, the logo and cover image).
If you require free images, backgrounds and logos for your website, head over to

*(This is an affiliate link, meaning we will get a commission if you decide to upgrade through this link, this helps support our education-based channel and we thank you in advance!)

Google Sites tutorial for beginners:

Getting started:
► Start creating your free website with Google Sites 00:49
► What are all the elements and features 01:44
► How to change your Google Sites theme 03:20

Home Page:
► How to change your cover image: 04:20
► How to add a logo and favicon 05:22
► How to add website pages 06:40
► How to add subpages 08:06
► How to change website menu navigation 08:52
► How to create a website footer 11:00
► How to create a new website section 12:05
► How to add a video to your website 12:48
► How to add buttons to your website 16:14

Contact Page:
► How to use website layouts 20:08
► How to add a map 22:52

Services Page:
► How to copy sections and elements 27:38

How to preview your website on different devices 31:09
How to publish your website 31:40

Congratulations you have made your new website with Google Sites!

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Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions about content marketing down below.

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20 thoughts on “How to Make a FREE WEBSITE in 10 – 30 Minutes (Google Sites Tutorial for Beginners)”
  1. Hey team! This is a completely free website option for beginners. Google Sites is 100% free, you do not need to pay for a domain and website hosting. This is a great place to start your web design journey. If you have any questions, add them down below!

  2. Great tutorial, thanks so much for this! The webiste looks professional, thnx for presenting different features, I will definitely use them on my page

  3. I am new to this and I am trying to edit my site but when I upload a picture I can't can't see it after uploading it. The picture disappears, I can only see it when I preview it… what do I do?

  4. Hello Stewart, I have an issue went I place a picture, it almost shows a windowshade collapsable screen but not the picture. Can you assist in fixing this issue form me. Can I send you a screenshot of the image so you can see it better.

  5. Great tutorial many thanks – unless I am wrong, there is one major flaw with Free Ecwid. Create 10 items but if you've only got 2 of each, you potentially can sell 50 of each (or more). You can "SELL" stuff you have not got??!! Am I wrong?

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