How To Live In The Present?

It is a well known fact that we are unhappy because we just cannot live in the present. Most of the time our mind is hovering either in the thoughts involving our past failures and unhappiness or we are thinking about the future and getting some sort of fear of the unknown. Scientists have stated that 90% of our life time is spent in thinking about either our past or worrying about future. Don't you think that this time should be reduced for a better and happier life i.e. living in present which is always easier. It is purely in our hands and no other person can help us anyway because he cannot read our mind or process it in order to make us positive and happy. Well, you may have read many spiritual books or motivational books but if following them would be so easy everyone on the earth would have been relaxed and be able to live in present all the time but in practice it is not easy for a common man. Then how can one reduce tensions and depressed mood?

Leave out abstract solutions for achieving presence of mind. Let's move on to some practical solutions which are the requirements of present world as we have shortage of time to brood over such matters.

The first and foremost solution is “Thanking”. Of course it is a spiritual concept of mind relaxation but it is most effective and at the same time requires least efforts. You just have to feel thankful for whatever you are receiving at every moment. For example you are sitting in front of a computer in your office. Now, think what you are getting at that moment from atmosphere or things. The computer that is lying in front of you is providing you something on which you can work. The chair on which you are sitting is making you feel comfortable. The fan or AC in the room is saving you from heat. Your colleagues are making you laugh by their comments and many more. But negative things are always there, no doubt. You have a stomachache. Most of us at that moment do not realize that we are getting so many comforts but our focus is on the stomachache. We cry on our misfortune that why I have stomachache when I have such an important work in my hand. If it would not have been there I would have been able to do my work perfectly. And after that our mind gets back to past then swindle to thoughts of future and suddenly our mood goes down. Isn't it? It is all in our mind. It happens with everybody and we do not know how to come out of this state of mind and consequently fail to accomplish our task which further make us feel down and depressed. I will not say that you will never feel down by feeling thankful towards what we are getting rather than thinking of our problems but it will make sure that your mood does not go down for hours or days and this period will reduce to perhaps half an hour.

Think over it and try this in practice and you will get on the spot results. It is not that easy to grasp this idea but any human can do it as the feeling of thanks is something that is inherent in our mind we just need to pop it up. No need to meditate. If you are not able to feel thankful in this manner try this by first writing on paper what comforts or things you got today which made you feel nice and then write the word “Thanks” in front of them. Just try to feel thankful and that will do the magic for you.

Even if you do not believe in God, does not matter. So feel thankful and be happy.

Source by Victor Gupta

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