How to Get Coursera Paid Courses for Free with Certificate in 2023 | Step by-Step Guide | Coursera

In this video, I have talked about how you can watch Coursera’s paid courses for free and how to get Coursera’s paid course …



  • Yashu CosGaming , March 13, 2023

    Thanks bud, you saved me lot, once confident I will get the certification

  • Studios Book , March 13, 2023

    Test submit and certificate is paid not available in financial aid. Tell me how to fix i complete only one part and other is not opening. Plzz help me to fix it πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • Darshith , March 13, 2023

    thank you bro its help a lot

  • Mohammad Hasnat , March 13, 2023

    4:03 audi course yahi hum bina 15 din wait kiye start kr deyty hein tu sary session leyny k baad hamein certificate mily ga ya nhi

  • ali tassadaq , March 13, 2023

    Sir yeh last mei joh Audit course kah option a rhaw tha isko click krne seh course ko mei tou daikh pah rha hu toh phir 15 day kah wait kis liye? And Audit course kah mtlb bhi bta dai plz

  • ANJALI JHA , March 13, 2023

    thanku so much for your help i really want the course for free thankuuuuuuuu

  • MELBIN TOMY , March 13, 2023

    there is no "enroll for free" option… only option to "enroll" and after clicking enroll button there is no option for "audit this course"

  • Ursula Flores , March 13, 2023

    Hii!! did they accept the financial aid?? I hope yes. I saw you have 1/10, I mean10 courses to take the financial aid, so we can only have economic help in only 10 courses?? thanks!

  • zak zak , March 13, 2023

    how can I get program degree in coursera like : "Master of Science in Electrical Engineering University of Colorado Boulder" for free or how I can get financial aid from theme

  • MAHALAKSHMI R , March 13, 2023

    there's no audit button

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