How To Do Marketing The Right Way In 2023

Today’s video is a virtual meeting I had with people over at Marriott! We discussed traditional press releases and if I think they’re …



  • 19:32 knowledge Bomb

  • Homeboy Reacts , March 13, 2023

    how can they see Gary if there not face the screen also i love gary wisdom hes an inspiration for me!

  • Johnson Charles , March 13, 2023

    well article video, choosing the right industry to invest is very crucial, most times it amaze me greatly how I moved from an average lifestyle to earning over $85k per month. Utter stock is the world. I have understood alot in past few years….

  • Umar Khan , March 13, 2023

    I came here to see if Gary was still saying the same thing in 2023

  • RA K , March 13, 2023

    Always the same message man, it's becoming boring

  • RA K , March 13, 2023

    Haha so stupid. Everyone turns towards a camera haha and they can't see him anymore.

  • Tuncher Ferad , March 13, 2023

    The number of people thinking he is the guru of all things digital is disturbing. He is a public speaker, for God's sake! Not hating the guy… he does what he does, but for those seeking enlightenment, keep doing your research, as there is no ONE strategy/approach that fits it all.

  • Adam Drake Studio , March 13, 2023

    Hearing an English person’s accent from living in America is painful

  • xiomana xoxoxo , March 13, 2023

    Gary V is like John the Baptist , yelling out his message for almost 15 years. Finally, adults are listening, the kids always were.

  • Leydi *K , March 13, 2023


  • Celio Ramos , March 13, 2023

    As a sales guys I’m excited about using technology and marketing – as a function of sales – to grow in 2023. 👍🏽😃

  • Jack Mitton , March 13, 2023

    fear the motivator

  • Rian Laney , March 13, 2023

    everytime I think about marketing on tiktok I get a knot in my stomach

  • Andrea Bell , March 13, 2023

    Oh I got SO excited that he was going to give his opinion on what's next… after social media as we know it. But still, excellent conversation.

  • Cathys Online Sales , March 13, 2023

    You have the best advice! Thank you!!

  • Oxana Fox , March 13, 2023

    GARY reminds me of my future self!! TY<3

  • alwaysyouramanda , March 13, 2023

    I’ve noticed youtube fakes views, likely for the ad revenue.

  • C DP , March 13, 2023

    can I get some coffee.. What do u like?

  • Kenny Lucas , March 13, 2023

    Switching over to posting more on tik Tok now.. do more people use tik Tok ok the daily now vs Instagram??

  • Inbox Magic , March 13, 2023

    Love this man! You can feel his passion and commitment in every word!

  • Ty Martin , March 13, 2023

    This is Next level Gary

  • Julie K. Munden , March 13, 2023

    Great stuff! He is spot on and dropping huge nuggets in 27 minutes! Love it.

  • GYB Creative Agency , March 13, 2023

    Gary this happened to me! In 2011 I worked at a Fortune 500 company at the On Air Promo Dept. Back then, I became obsessed with Social media and tried every way possible to have the department begin creating content for social, or at the very least adapt promos. At the time On-Air was king and social media was looked down upon. I did not communicate my beliefs/ideas/knowledge strongly enough or convincingly enough. My bosses did not believe in me and I guess I began to loose faith in myself as well. All those ideas that could have advanced and grown the company were never realized. I left the company in 2013 and began creating content for social media for another media company. However, it was not until much later that this other company took social media seriously, which means I never succeeded in communicating my ideas strongly. It was on me! The happy ending is that I ended up opening my SM content creation agency and now my past employers are my clients 🙂

  • Tim James , March 13, 2023

    "Everything is on social" – Groundbreaking advice

  • Luisito Master Toledo , March 13, 2023

    Is that real people watching him??? In the monitor 🧐

  • Blake Cory , March 13, 2023

    Yes! I agree so many people are doing social media and digital marketing wrong. So many good tips were shared. 💯

  • Funny movements , March 13, 2023

    Hello sir please tell me about metaforce

  • The Mo 2.0 Project , March 13, 2023

    I feel the same about entrepreneurship…’s not all about the money….it’s about creating something from an idea. I was also shoving from a kids

  • Louis Pedersen , March 13, 2023

    Dude yawning at 15:49 on a call with GaryV, cmon man!!! haha

  • Pärtel Bärengrub , March 13, 2023

    13:00 🔥😂

  • Benoit , March 13, 2023

    15.02 there was the real gem

  • Benoit , March 13, 2023

    i love losing… i am petrified of losing… confused here gary

  • Julie Silversmyth , March 13, 2023

    If anyone reading this can tell me how to sell my products that are on my website. Do I have to be internet famous to make that happen?

  • Daniel Nation , March 13, 2023

    So many gold nuggets in this conversation.

  • Stacy Liddell , March 13, 2023

    Gary, I am hesitant to start a tik tok account because of all the links to the CCP and how they may use the data. I know all the platforms do this so should I even worry about this?

  • It's Just Christina , March 13, 2023

    On a micro level… it costs nothing or minimal to write and submit a press release… For a small creator (like myself) based on the location population (age/gender)… It is a good 👍 😀 cheap marketing strategy purley based on location specific (w potential international/national based on seasonal population skew)…

  • Hop2TheTop , March 13, 2023

    Agreed regarding press releases For the most part although there is a perception benefit of having them. If you are A company that needs to build some digital footprint Then content pieces Like press releases on sindication websites Can still be beneficial.

  • Rey Walker , March 13, 2023

    i watched a clip from this video a few months back and that just reminded me of the numerous business ideas i have in my head, like dropshipping, a cafe, a pc building and maintainance service, and all that. i haven't started yet because i want to finish my final school year first because it consumes a lot of resources. but to market all those little businesses i made a meme page on instagram, in a month i made a 100 followers and the reach keeps growing as long as i post regularly. it's not a lot, but i also have a support group on ig, that helps fellow ig meme pages out. and together they have more than a million followers. you wouldn't believe, but to wake up, and decide to make a rough plan is the hardest part because you face so much self doubt as a 17 year old, mostly because i had no knowledge of the world, and so i had no idea where to start. but your videos helped me immensely overcome that initial fear. THANKS A TON!

  • CallMeNexus , March 13, 2023

    Bro timed traveled to 2023

  • Alexis Fedor , March 13, 2023

    This has been so valuable for me as I gear up for an entirely new content plan for 2023- I’m so motivated and inspired by the repetition of the importance of working with what works now . THANK YOU!

  • Danny Hill ☁️📰 , March 13, 2023

    the sword bruh🥕🎄

  • Danny Hill ☁️📰 , March 13, 2023

    i like this today

  • PURPL3GUYP0D , March 13, 2023

    Haha nobody believes impressions… love it – so true!

  • Paris A. , March 13, 2023

    The need to drive down cost of media is exactly why AI creations will dominate over the next decade.

  • Sienna , March 13, 2023

    So much value

  • Alex Cio , March 13, 2023

    awesome talk ❤❤

  • Smith Ayers , March 13, 2023

    this video is perfects people need to understand how media marketing works. my company is in need of marketing sales workers online no experience needed anywhere in the world thanks

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