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In today’s video, we will see:
1- How to connect a domain registered from any website to any hosting company?
2- How to change the name servers of a domain?
3- How to install WordPress on your hosting?
4- Complete walkthrough of WordPress dashboard?
5- How to change permalink settings of WordPress website?
6- How to install the Elementor plugin?
7- How to create a website with Elementor free version?
8- How to create header and footer in WordPress website using third-party free plugins?

How To Create Professional Website For Free | Create Website with WordPress and Elementor Free

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How To Create Professional Website For Free | Create Website with WordPress and Elementor Free
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How To Create Professional Website For Free | Create Website with WordPress and Elementor Free

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37 thoughts on “How To Create Professional Website For Free | WordPress Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi”
  1. सर मेने expire डोमेन लिया है hostinger से लेकिन वो डोमेन अभी भी किसी अन्य की होस्टिंग में है, add वेबसाइट करने पर alredy होस्टिंग का एरर आ रहा है क्या करूँ

  2. Dear sir
    In case of suspension of google my business profile how long they takes to reinstate the profile.
    My profile has been suspended yesterday.
    Is there any contact number available for google my business customer care?

  3. Hello Sir,
    My website is running on http and getting good traffic, also it is ranked but I have a question if I change it to https then it affect traffic or ranking?????

  4. Last Try : I have contacted you many many times but you didn’t replied regarding what professional services you offer , which you can give to my website

  5. आप का वीडियो देखा,वीडियो के बीच मै मन किया आप का वेबसाइट देखू फिर डिस्क्रिप्शन मै कॉन्टैक्ट के नीचे आप का वेबसाइट का एड्रेस था मैने सोचा क्लिक कर के ओपन कर लू लेकिन वो क्लिकेबल नही थे, मुझे लगा ये सैयद आप की गलती है या आप ने ऐसा जान कर किया था,अगर हां आप ने जान के किया था तो फिर मैं पूछ सकता हु क्यो ??

  6. Sir I have a problem on my wordpress website : the problem is in the Elementor pro (licence Ver.)plugin..and the error shown to me on restore mode … This is an error. :Error message: Uncaught ReflectionException: Method get_site_editor_type does not exist in /home/artnetarium/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/artnetarium/domains/ ReflectionClass->getMethod() #1 /home/artnetarium/domains/ ElementorProModulesThemeBuilderDocumentsTheme_Document::get_site_editor_type_bc() #2 /home/artnetarium/domains/ ElementorProModulesThemeBuilderDocumentsTheme_Document::get_create_url() #3 /home/artnetarium/domains/ ElementorCoreCommonModules
    please help and guide me in this regard Resolve this problem

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