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This ecommerce tutorial is for anyone who wants to sell online with no experience or wants to start a web design career. Its easy so just follow the steps in the video!

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Timestamps for the eCommerce Tutorial
00:00:00 Intro
00:14:24 Get Hosting
00:18:35 Install WordPress
00:21:20 General Settings
00:24:10 Install SSL To Website
00:25:20 How To Login To WordPress
00:27:20 Install Flatsome Theme
00:30:35 Create Pages
00:32:00 Create Menu
00:37:00 Intro To Flatsome
00:40:00 Building The Website
00:58:00 Installing WooCommerce
01:02:05 Creating A Simple Product
01:09:00 Designing product page
01:12:09 Creating a Variable Product
01:23:30 Addding Subscribe Plugin And Contact Form
01:29:17 Adding InstaGram
01:30:01 Adding Plugins ( Changing Fonts )
01:33:00 Changing Fonts
01:35:35 creating about us page
1:44:00 Creating A Blog
1:46:11 Assigning Pages To Menu
01:47:46 Intro to theme Customizer
01:48:10 Header Builder
02:00:50 Creating A Footer
02:05:20 Terms and conditions and privacy policy
02:09:36 Adding product categories to menu
02:12:15 Shop Page Custom // Ux BLocks
02:18:20 WooCommerce Settings
02:24:00 Shipping
02:31:35 Jetpack Install + Automated Taxes

Want to use the #1 best ecommerce wordpress them? Meet the flatsome theme.

In This eCommerce Tutorial, you will learn how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress. By The end of this commerce tutorial, you will have your own online shop running with wordpress! This is a step by step tutorial on how to make an online store and commerce website!

Its 2020, no more ugly websites! You are going to learn how to create an amazing commerce and modern stylewordpress website, so watch this video on How To Make An eCommerce Website With WordPress and you will have an amazing commerce wordpress website running in a few hours!

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42 thoughts on “How To Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress 2022 -ONLINE STORE- (Easy For Beginners)”
  1. Hey are you all looking for a ecommerce websites builders well i can help you out with that .. we can help you out in designing a beautiful wordpress website
    1. Website creation…2. product upload 3. Advance shipping method for total country 4. Setup payment gateway * setup discount * 6 month support 5. Setup Facebook pixel 6. MailChimp Automation link up setup. 6. If need on page SEO to rank in Google intialily!

  2. Hi Darrel! Thanks for this tutorial. In Products/Product Data/Extras/Product Video, I put my youtube vid link. The Product Video Placement is set to Lightbox, but for some reason. When I clic the Play button it open the lightbox, but I clic play it redirects me to YouTube (in the same tab!). Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!

  3. I have a question, that was a test credit card as you said but your website said that the transaction went trough… So customers would pay for your product with a fake credit card without making a real transaction but the website still handles it as a real transaction?

  4. Hey darrel, thanks for the tutorial. I am creating a wordpress dropshipping website and am wondering if you have to hold any inventory of products I am doing woocommerce and sourcing the products through alibaba. I just watched a video on the process and the woocommerce plugin said I have to input a quanity is that true or is alibaba different ? Im confused

  5. I was very lucky to just move on from woocommerce to Opencart. I just find it so easy to customise my site however i want. I did not think that it was so complicated when you wanted API connections with an ERP and or any accounting service.

  6. hi i wanted to ask if i buy domain from siteground do i have the same feature with woo commence business plan? cus the price on both are huge difference.

  7. My Flatsome Studio is missing, so I've been building out everything from scratch. Is there a way to get it?

    Although, so far it's looking pretty good…. Except I kinda don't like how the Sticky layout works compared to Elementor.

  8. Thank you so much bro. Tried Shopify and their website building is absolutely terrible plus the high fees and all the apps you gotta pay for just to make it usable. All I wanna do is creat my own website

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