Building a website for business can be intimidating! There are so many moving pieces when you’re learning how to create a website for business and you want to be sure that you’re website will leave a lasting impression.

If you want to learn how to create a website for your business then this is the video you need to watch!

1:00 Domain and Hosting
1:37 What Pages Does Your Website Need?
2:12 Where to Build Your Website
6:25 How to Build a Website on Square Space (Brief Overview)

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31 thoughts on “How to Create a WEBSITE for Your Business | Episode 5 – Small Business 101”
  1. I HATE squarespace. I wanted my choice of colors.. nope. I decided to leave and go to wix but squarespace said I couldn't use my domain name I paid for 18 months if I left. I had to stay but I am still so angry. I finally had to pay someone to help me change the colors to my branding. Stay away from square space. Don't hire "a place to nest" she stoled my money and did nothing. If you hire a web designer don't hire a freelancer. I was badly ripped off.

  2. I have a domain, and wordpress is installed it sucks. Most non-intuitive ever. icons with that have no tex and you need a map to figure it out. has to be a better way

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