How to Create a Mobile Website

When setting out to build a mobile website the technical side is one thing and yes, we will touch on that. But first let's talk a little bit about the different elements of your mobile website.

Start with the goal. What do you want your mobile website to do for your business?

One easy answer is: “I want it to be shown to website visitors that are surfing on their smartphones.” Okay, that's a good start. But let's dig deeper…

What end-result are you after? Do you want your mobile website to generate a lead? Do you want it to further your branding initiatives? Do you want it to convey tons of useful information to your mobile visitor? The point is: you must start with an objective in mind.

To keep it simple, let's assume you'd like your mobile site to help you generate leads for your business.

Work backwards! As you build it the goal of generating leads is priority number one.

Choose a good quality image. Your “Mobile Web Banner” will be the first thing a visitor will see. It's a good idea to keep your image anywhere from 220 to about 320 pixels and remember it's meant to fit on a small screen.

Do you want your phone to ring?

Then don't hide your number. A good quality mobile website will have a “click to call” number right below the banner. Let them call you! After all, they are surfing from a phone, aren't they?

Vertical Navigation is next…

It does not make sense to model the same navigation that you have on your regular website. And chances are you'll have too many options to even fit on your mobile site. Narrow it down. Choose the navigation items that are best suited for the person viewing your mobile site. Be empathetic with them. Put your best information into the top three or four menu items on your mobile navigation.

Choose your content..

It worries me how so many lazy marketers and business owners are OK with the idea of simply centering content to make it “mobile friendly.” The smart business owners knows a mobile marketing website is not just a re-arranged version of a desktop website.

You must keep your content short and your images simple. Emphasize the key points and most important benefits of your business. This part of building and creating a mobile website is so important.

Creating Your Mobile Website…

From a technical stand point here are a few things to keep in mind…

Make click-able images around 44 pixels

When using images with gradients, rounded corners and other special effects use CSS3.

Use HTMLS5 doctype

<!DOCTYPE html> which will allow you to use HTML4 elements to all browsers as well as using HTML5 with client-side storage capabilities.

As you go through the process of building your mobile site please remember it is the message and content that are extremely important.

Source by Mike Dolpies

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