Learn how to create a website with GitHub Pages for free. In fact, you can host multiple sites. You can upload your own HTML/CSS website, keep it simple with markdown, or use a free Jekyll template.

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40 thoughts on “How to Create a Free Website Using GitHub Pages”
  1. So can you use a website design program installed on your local drive to create a website and then upload all the created files to a GitHub repository?

    If so could you please do a video on this process?

  2. I might have an issue. My github username has capital letters in it. Should i change my username or is the naming of the repository not case-sensitive in this case, or will it convert the capitals into lower case letters because it is a url? One more thing, is it a possible for a github page hosted to site to appear in search engines. I have been trying to install Google analytics on my site but for the life of me I cannot get google to track views on it. Help maybe lol?

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