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I know that a whole lot of internet users are afraid to spend their hard earned money on the internet due to lack of trust. You might be amongst those who have vowed never to buy e-books because of the trash you got some time ago. Well, you have a good cause but I want you to understand that in the midst of wrong information and fraudsters, there is still a legal way to make money online working exclusively in your leisure time.

One good thing about doing any business online is that once you set it up, you can go to bed and your money will still flow. In this article, I shall be showing you how to begin earning online without spending your money.

You can earn online with zero investment via:

* Bum Marketing. It means you just do something for a couple of times and then leave it for generate income for you. One of the best ways to begin bum marketing is article marketing. By this, I do not mean writing and submitting articles to every directory. There are special websites that would pay you for each article you publish with them. These websites are currently seeking for authors. An example of such sites is: associated content.

* Sell your articles.

With this particular strategy, all you need to do to earn with 10 days maximum is to write an article on any given topic. Make sure the spellings and grammar is correct. Then register a free account with constant-content; an article selling website and sell your website.

* Sell your pictures and images. Any image is worth selling. If you have a digital camera, you can earn a living taking shots and uploading them to stock photo websites. Once you upload an image of a person, a house, images pertaining to nature and the likes, you will be paid for every download. You will earn at least 0.20 for every download. Which means, if you have 200 downloads in a day, which should amount to $40? Multiply that by 30 days and see how much you have earned. I think you have earned $1200. This is just from one picture.

* Review Products and get paid. Online shopping portals will pay you to review their products. To review means to highlight the importance of a specific item so that buyers can buy. Review is necessary because buyers feel comfortable when they know the benefits of a given item before they decide to spend their hard earned money on it. The more review you make, the more money you earn from the shopping websites. You can check out review stream website to get started.

This is just a tip of the iceberg when you want to earn a living online with zero investments. I can assure you that the above income sources are reliable. However, you have to give it a quality time in order to make the money. If you cannot spend your money, then spend your time doing it.

Source by Juan Royal

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