Hi there! If you are considering Shopify & Wix’s “free trials” THEN WATCH THIS FIRST.
WATCH THE UPDATED 2022 TUTORIAL HERE: https://youtu.be/FN15rhiMplg

Today I will showing a tutorial of how to set up a FREE boutique / online store without committing to a “free trial”. This free store can be used for hand made items, drop shopping and MORE! In this tutorial I will also show how to make your website look nice and presentable with the best free themes BigCartel gives you! This video is perfect if you are considering building an online business in 2022

With BigCartel you can create a FREE website that you can use for free for as long as you’d like without committing to any paid plans! This IS NOT SPONSORED! I have been using this host for over 5+ years!


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39 thoughts on “How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2022 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)”
  1. Hi all. Some advice needed please. If you want to patent your own logo and brand name for your business, is it a good idea to use your home address to register which will be visible to everyone or set up a PO Box address?
    If a PO Box, can anyone recommend the best company to use in the UK ?

  2. Baddiful… I am SO impressed with your videos. Just discovered them looking for a way to set up an online store. You are everything I believe to be true about your generation. Thanks for the help.

  3. When I made mine I wanted to put different color of a product but idk how like how can put different colors and the customer can swipe and choose?! Also to upload more picks you have to pay.:(

  4. Thank you for your time and for this video. Very informative 💯I have two small businesses that are slowly taking off and I'm at a stage where I really need to get a website going to make ordering much more convenient as the messaging customers back and forth is truly time but the problem was I don't want to spend that much money on websites with Wix and Shopify ahahaha Seriously so much pressure, i cant deal rn. You're so right! Rn I want to use my profit just for reinvesting, nice labels and packaging and so on… I like to not rush things as much as everyone including customers are pressuring me for a website. I like to research and see my options first before pursuing anything . GURRRLLLL I am so so thankful for stumbling across your video and yes I've subscribed 😊 You have given me hope because I just didn't want to pay those shopify or wix subscriptions especially I'm just starting out. 😀
    Anyway… I gonna watch more videos for 🛌🌙God bless you 🙏 🌸

  5. Thanks once more Baddie, you're really doing a great job out there, I would love to request from you if it is possible to have the option of payment on delivery/(Cash) on your Bigcartel Shop!

  6. I saw 10 videos trying to explain what you just said. Trust me when I say "none of them came close to the helpfulness you gave us". Thank you for getting straight to the point❗️ SUBSCRIBED & SHARED ❤️

  7. OMG, you are talking at a million miles an hour. Not everyone has that hipper active disorder so not everyone can follow you on tweaker mode. I put the "CC" on to try to understand what you are saying and it got some of your words wrong because the computer couldn't understand you either. I really would like to learn something but I can't learn anything at high speed. Take the right drugs, slow down, and speak clearly.

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