UPDATED 2022 TUTORIAL! Hi there! If you are considering Shopify “free trial” THEN WATCH THIS FIRST!! This is for dropshipping , any e-commerce store , clothing line , Handmade products & more!

Today I will showing a tutorial UPDATED 2022 of how to set up a FREE online store without committing to a “free trial”. This free store can be used for hand made items, drop shopping and MORE! In this tutorial I will also show how to make your website look nice and presentable with the best free themes BigCartel gives you! This video is perfect if you are considering building an online business in 2022

With BigCartel you can create a FREE website that you can use for free for as long as you’d like without committing to any paid plans! This IS NOT SPONSORED! I have been using this host for over 5+ years!

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47 thoughts on “How I Made My Online Store FREE | 2022 UPDATED TUTORIAL! (NO SHOPIFY)”
  1. La mejor informacion que he encontrado todos solo quieren vistas y dicen lo mismo y lo que una persona quiere es empezar un proyecto de vida en mi caso …tu si estas ayudando mucho te agradezco Dios te bendiga y ojala hicieses video tutorial para personas que no entendemos tanto de todo este mundo❤🙏me suscribo

  2. Hi there, I have a concern you may need to be aware of. I received a message from “your IG account”?!? That asked me how I was doing and then proceeded to talk about cryptocurrencies. The language seemed broken, so I think someone hacked your account?

  3. Wow. Don't know why you weren't recommended before today, but, your presentation is wholly informative and useful. Hence, I am a new sub. I appreciate straight-forward presentations. I've been considering opening a crafting shop for my wares, but the grubby programs and websites, available, have caused me to pause. I'm not in a position to make a grand investment into marketing. I'll need my product to sell itself, and until its up and running, I can't afford to lose anything. Thank you for highlighting this option. Its a great way to test the waters without jumping headlong into the deep end.

  4. I am doing the walk-through with you, I want to thank you so much for doing this. I am coming to a stop when I go to view my website, the background I chose is not showing. Any advice? TYSM, You truly are a blessing!

  5. thanks for all the information. 1 do have a question. When I add my paypal Account. Can I use my personal one for my business? The Only thing it will not have my business email.

  6. Ohhhhhh there is so much more involved than just having a website. Took me 3 years to set up my online store and then comes the marketing…………if you think you're gonna be rich in 1-6 -12 months' time, think again. You're looking at being awake for 24 hrs straight at least once a week and up to 40 hours, researching, learning, sorting, sifting, analysing, etc etc etc….and it comes to asking the right questions which is hard to know if you don't know what certain things exists and trial and error regardless of what the experts say. All the courses I have done amounts to re 5% of what is needed to be known. Expect to go thru one hell of a ride with having an online business…..I'm still going thru it yet finally think I have the marketing nutted out, and you're looking at an easy $10-20k investment over time to have it set up properly……that is if you're selling your own products and your own website and not go thru Thinkific etc………..

  7. Hi, than you do much for all that you do for us. I am after some help about uploading my logo to my website. it's this something you can help me with. it isn't transferring across clearly.
    many thanks
    Renee 😁

  8. i saterd my drop shiping store couple of days, and i followed everything u said i post the Product on tiktok and pinterest, and still no sells till now. idk wat am doing wrong.


  10. Thank you so much for sharing I have noticed very few people will share their honest insight and secretes to what they use and how to go about it. I love your energy as well , I can tell you are indeed wanting people to succeed. Not everyone is this selfless , more abundance to you sis.

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