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Both SCENAR and ENAR are electro-neuro stimulator devices. The ENAR being a less sophiscated version for home use.

They are hand held battery medical devices developed in Russia to treat pain and injury. The Russian space agency was instrumental in extensive training as they were keen to find a simple effective way to treat pain and injury in space. These units never made it into space as there where moisture issues, but instead the electrodes were incorporated into the fingers of the cosmonauts gloves to reduce stress during takeoff and landing.

Scenar is widely used in medical environments in Russia, Germany, Austria and Holland and to a lesser extent in many other countries. In Australia the Macquarie University showed in a study that even the simpler and less expensive ENAR was highly effective in quickly relieving chronic neck pain even when used by a practitioner with limited training.

To use a Scenar to treat headaches the device is placed on the back of the neck and turned on until a sensation like ants crawling on the skin is experienced. This is a suitable level for chronic headache involving neck problems. The best approach is to gently treat over a few sessions.

If acute pain was the problem with no history then the device is turned up to a level that can be uncomfortable but is matched to the patient's pain threshold. The idea being that you can treat a fresh problem more aggressively.

The electro plate which is about 1 inch x 2 ½ inches is brushed down the neck and onto the shoulders and then in a sideways action from the spine to the shoulders. When you passover a spot that is more sensitive then more time is required at that position.

A very curious thing happens when you pass over an area of importance. The flat electro plate literally sticks to the skin. This is a clear indicator that treatment is required at this spot. Treatment is continued until the sticky response stops and the SCENAR slides smoothly.

If there are no sticky spots or extra sensitive points then the pain is most likeky originating from elsewhere, that is the pain is referred from another muscle or nerve. In this case running the SCENAR down the spine and on both sides may locate a point to treat.

Another important treatment for headaches is the watermelon technique. Using an attachment which is like a steel hair brush you comb gently from front to back across the entire scalp again looking for sore points.

The last special technique is the PIrogov ring or neck ring. The Scenar is held at the back of the neck for 30 seconds then slowly moved in a circle around the neck and back to the start.This is done 3 times in each direction and is very successful for treating headaches

Source by Ian Newton

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