The basic purpose of Urdu Clinic is to help and support the students and teachers of O-Level Urdu. Students appear in Cambridge International Examination every year and Urdu Language is also an important subject like Science Subjects and English Language. Unfortunately, students are not good at Urdu so they start avoiding Urdu Language. Urdu Clinic is going to provide an easy solution of Paper Preparation of Urdu C.A.I.E.

Urdu Language is spoken all around the globe. We provide Urdu Basics Lesson for those their native language is not Urdu. In our basic Urdu Lesson, we start from alphabets of Urdu Language.

Students/Teachers, they just start teaching or learning Urdu. Our videos surely help them. Students & teacher they want to learn Urdu Language with understanding this is right platform & we are here to fully guide and support them.

If you are a student of GCE O Level Urdu Syllabus 3248 or Newly appointed O Level of Urdu Language
Paper Pattern,marks division and detail of each Question of the papers is explained in detail.

Releted Videos to O Level Urdu

Paper Pattern | Paper-1

Paper Pattern | Paper-2

Paper-1 | Question # 1 | An Ideal Essay Writing

Paper-1 | Letter & Dialogue Writing

Paper-1| Report & Speech Writing

Paper-1| Question # 3 | Translation

Paper-2 | Preparation of idioms

Paper-2 | Trasformation of Sentence | Part-1 | How to change Sentences in Future Tense

Paper-2 | Trasformation of Sentence | Part-2 |How to change Sentences in Past Tense

Paper-2 | Trasformation of Sentence | Part-3 |Sentence Transformation( Miscellaneous )

Paper-2 | Solution Trasformation of Sentence | An easy way with examples

Paper-2 | How to get full marks in Cloze Passage | Unseen Examples included

Paper-2 | How to write an ideal Summary

Paper-2 | How to get full mark in Comprehension | Examples included

Smart support gives ideas & tips to improve your grades.

If your grades are C or D in Urdu | How to improve grade in smart way.

How to improve Idioms+Vocabluary

5 Idioms n 5 Minutes | Ep-1 | Paper-2 | O-Level Urdu 3248

5 Idioms n 5 Minutes | Ep-2 | Paper-2 | O-Level Urdu 3248

5 Idioms n 5 Minutes | Ep-3 | Paper-2 | O-Level Urdu 3248

5 Idioms n 5 Minutes | Ep-4 | Paper-2 | O-Level Urdu 3248

Format of Informal Letter | Urdu O Level 3248 | Smart Support by Urdu Clinic

Division of Marks in Letter || Urdu 3248 (Urdu/Hindi)

Division of Marks in Report || Urdu 3248 (Urdu/Hindi)

Question & Answers Urdu O Level 3248 Urdu/Hindi

Why your child is weak in Urdu II Urdu O Level 3248 Urdu/Hindi

Unfair Predicted Grades of O & A Level 2020 II Urdu O Level 3248 Urdu/Hindi

Division of marks in Dialogue O Level Urdu

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