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The Evergain 308dl chi machine is the ultimate low back pain solution. It trumps tedious exercises, expensive chiropractic treatments, and most other low back treatments.

My 50-year old husband, Tim, has had low back issues his whole adult life. When we got together nine years ago, his back “went out” on an almost weekly basis. He was usually stiff, and sometimes he could barely walk.

Over the first few years of our marriage, I watched Tim try multiple treatments. He spent months in chiropractic treatment. He went to a physical therapist. He did Callanetics exercises. He used heating pads, got massages, and even had energy healing treatments.

Although some of these things worked, none of them provided lasting relief. He'd pretty much resigned himself to having chronic problems.

Then, four years ago, I bought an Evergain 308dl for myself. I'd had another chi machine before my marriage, but the motor had burned out within a couple years. When I finally replaced it, I did hours of research to find one that performed well for years and years. I was excited when I found the 308dl because it wasn't just a chi machine-it also provided reflexology massage, far infrared therapy, and magnetic therapy (the magnets are in the foot cradle of the unit).

Tim wasn't all that interested in my purchase. A chi machine sounded a little out there to him.

One day, though, he decided to try it out. He felt so good after he used it that he began using it regularly.

In just a few days, he noticed his back wasn't as stiff. And after a few weeks, we realized his back hadn't gone out in a long time.

In the last four years, he's had back pain only a handful of times, and it was always caused by some major heavy lifting or other back-straining activity. He now works in a job that requires him to be on his feet all day, and he has no back pain at all. He couldn't have done this job before we got the chi machine.

Tim calls chi-ing, “rocking and rolling” because the machine gently rocks your body from side to side while you lie there and relax. He always makes time to use it for 1/2 hour a day. It's not that he needs to; it's just that it “feels so good.”

Using an Evergain 308dl regularly could be just what you need to relieve lower back pain. It sure worked for my husband!

Source by Andrea Waggener

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