Sharing 10+ Christmas Niches selling and trending on Etsy NOW. Focusing on Etsy Print on Demand! I encourage you to take the 7 day 15 minute research challenge!

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7 days of money is a money channel on YouTube sharing Etsy print on demand tips, hacks and tricks . Showing how to make money on Etsy with Printify or Printful dropshipping. I aim to share a weekly print on demand niche video sharing POD items from Etsy, but they could work with RedBubble and Merch By Amazon .


6 thoughts on “Etsy Trends NOW! MY RESULTS! πŸ˜³πŸŽ„ 10+ CHRISTMAS NICHES to make money 2022! Etsy Print On Demand”
  1. The print on my black and navy sweatshirts are very blotchy and scratchy . Is there a way to get better prints on dark garments or should I just stop selling them ? I use swift POD on printify . Thank you for all your videos , so helpful πŸ™‚

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