SpoonyPizzas here guys, sharing with you my ultimate formation and tactics along with preferred playstyles and indepth analysis, recommended players to fit and suit these tactics, the training methods and how I’ve trained each player.

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42 thoughts on “eFootball 2023 Ultimate Formation & Tactics – Training Stats, Playstyle Analysis – Tutorial & Guide”
  1. I like your tactic spoony and by watching your videos I'm shaping my squad. I picked up a lot of players from your tactics Jorginho,Thiago, Verratti… Now I'm looking forward to get Modric and Foden 🙂

  2. Spoony,im now little short on coins because i need defender and wing so can i you take phillps from nominating contract because i don't have money for jorginho,is there big difference between them if i gave a lot points in dribling for phillps

  3. Spoony,
    I got Ramos, De ligt and Foyth as my cb
    R they good.
    Cama and Scholes for my dmf. Thinking of getting Jorginho or Kimmich or Pedri to replace Scholes as Scholes can't play dmf.
    Got Ansu fati at lmf, Gunna buy sancho. As Rodrygo not the highest at rmf position.
    Got Mount and Goretzka at amf. And Martinez at striker.
    Any improvements that I need to make.
    Thinking of releasing Gavi or I shouldn't??

  4. Hey man, great video, it's made me realize I'm overthinking some things tactically and using it to overcompensate for my lack of skill in the game. Wanted to ask, why do you use actual wingers at the LMF and RMF position instead of wingbacks like Kostic, Acuna or Trent? Is it because of their dribbling stats?

  5. Thanks for this in-depth video!
    I've been playing some matches with this formation since yesterday with Sancho and Neymar on the sides as well, been using Kimmich who I've upgraded Dribbling and Passing the most (89 Ball Control & Tight Possession), he's very nice as a DMF being an Orchestrator as well. I used Messi as one of the AMFs together with Kubo but liked Kubo so much more than Messi. :O
    I've had mixed results but apart from the score, generally liked this formation and playing style so much more than anything else I played in eFootball 2022 and 2023. I used to play Possession in PES 2021 primarily as well and at the start of eFo 2022 too but then didn't enjoy it at all after some updates. Now I do again and nothing comes close to it, so thank you for getting my full enjoyment back for this game (2023 version).
    I want to replace Bellingham as my DMF next to Kimmich, if you had to choose between Verratti or Jorginho, who would you recommend more?

  6. Impressed how much better this feels.
    I've got two sides within my squad right now, I've got my overall best team and my English only side too for the international tournaments.
    It's pretty fun that way as I've had to take some pretty cheap English players to fill the XI. I've got in a 433 –
    Arnold stones gomes cresswell

    Scholes Foden

    Grealish Watkins Sancho

    Smith rowe
    And then I run out of English players.
    Looking to get some more legends in that side.

  7. My other team looks like this


    Arnold Alaba Timber Hernandez

    Scholes Foden

    Grealish Haaland Sancho

    Ward Prowse (I forgot I had him)

    I switch between a 433 and a formation similar to yours except I pull the wide players back as wing backs so I can keep Trent in the side!
    Haaland over Mbappe only because really of Trents crossing for his big alienesque head.
    I lucked out and got two Mbappes, I was considering for a short while trying make an entire team of Mbappes. Train one up in goal.
    I'm rambling now but I actually started playing champ man 93/94 and 96/97 the other day. Nii Lamptey. What a signing.

  8. My formation looks sth like this:
    Long ball counter
    GK: Oblak
    LB: Cancelo
    CB: Rüdiger
    CB: De Ligt
    CB: Bastoni/Marquinhos
    DMF: Kimmich/FDJ
    CMF: Scholes/Goretzka
    RMF: Di Maria
    AMF: De Ketelaere/Pedri
    SS: Nkunku
    CF: CR7/Ibra
    So this is kinda a Zona Mista-esque 4-4-2 with players good at spraying long balls from anywhere and 2 towers to head the ball down. SS/AMF attacks the space frequently with RMF often as a spare man wide either dribbles inside or simply crosses the ball. LB shuttles up and down frequently with full-back finisher playstyle. This formation defends with a mid block, keep it compact, cutting off passing lanes to the middle while still keeping enough width to defend against wing attacks. The RCB often close down the wide area in case RMF doesn't come back in time while the 2 CBs isolate the middle in tandem with DMF (deep line instruction). I'm loving this formation so far.

  9. Is 4 3 3 good bro I have been using it for while but I feel like it's so inconsistent sometimes I win by 5 nil to losing 5 _0 is it because of classic 10 and hole player cards.i have Ozil and onesta center.whats your opinion?

  10. Hi Spoony…I just wanted to say thanks. I was about giving up on efootball 23 as I am a possession player as well. And with defending made much better, I found I couldn't hold the ball like I used to. But adopting your tactics in this video has made the game playable again for me. I might actually be enjoying it again. And for all ur other tips, thanks for the great work 👍

  11. Great video. i took this tactic and tweaked it to a mean out wide. It's incredible hoy many changer CF gets,the wingers always ready for the counter. I went even further,putting a leftback and leaving only one DMF . Took me back to division 5,yay

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