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My first experience of EFT was with a practitioner and I was very skeptical. It was only six months into my illness and although skeptical I was open to anything. I was convinced straight away that this was going to be a helpful tool to guide me through this illness. Firstly I followed what was asked of me, tapping on the points I was supposed to whilst focussing on a physical symptom (headache). I had to grade the headache from 0 to 10 at the beginning and after two cycles of tapping the headache had gone!!

During a one to one session with the practitioner I felt a great release of deep emotions that had been suppressed for a long time! The crying was embarrassing, but the feeling of freedom from these emotions was worth it. I have continued to use EFT regularly as a tool to calm my system, to deal with symptoms, to recognise emotions, to process them and to let go.


Well, it's like acupuncture without the needles! You tap on well established energy points on your body, using your fingertips. Whilst tapping you focus on the problem whether physical or emotional. This process is very easy to remember and you can do it anywhere. It is believed that our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to many physical pains and diseases.

I would recommend starting off with a practitioner, but there are also many short courses and videos out there to aid your own practise.

For example ‘Tapping into Freedom (mini e-course)' by Peter Donn There are many others out there including videos of practitioners guiding you through the process EFT Master Judy Byrne on or Self Acceptance with EFT

Work with your feelings and emotions, experience shifts within minutes – let those feelings out!!!!


See my website for amazing videos on emotional freedom techniques!

Source by Julie Marinkovic

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